SBC’s Top Football Tips to Improve Your Betting This Season

To celebrate the release of our Ultimate Football Betting Package, we are also today revealing the Top 11 essential tips to help improve your betting this season as shared by a selection of leading football experts that we monitor here at SBC.

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SBC  Football Top Tips to Improve Your Betting This Season

We surveyed a number of leading tipsters in our roster for their one bit of advice that can help improve your betting in the coming season. We have 11 tips in total, and today we share with you 1-5…

  1. Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin This Season

Matt Love’s Football Elite has made a virtue out of concentrating their efforts into a small number of top European leagues such as The Premiership, La Liga, Serie A and The Bundesliga. Matt feels that there are common factors that can be taken as read (such as decent squad depth) in the well-resourced elite divisions and he says:

“Its rather clichéd advice but don’t spread yourself too thin. Specialise in one or two areas (be that leagues, odds ranges, bet types etc) and try and be the best in that area rather than be just adequate at everything. Adequate is not enough to consistently beat the market and no-one can be the best at everything.

Once you think you have found your edge, stick with it through the bad times. Losing runs WILL happen. No avoiding them unless you are very, very lucky. It’s daft to change your strategy just because something that was 99% certain to happen has happened.”

2.Use Betting Shops Whenever You Can

Matt Love of Football Elite also advises that those of us resident in the UK should take advantage of local betting shops as much as possible.

He says: “The shops are a hugely underrated weapon in the punters arsenal in my opinion. We are very lucky in the UK to have these at our disposal and should take advantage of them.”

The benefits of using shops specifically are that you can spread your bets around remaining largely undetected as long as stakes are sensible, or if necessary split across a number of shops. In the long-term this can take real pressure of our valuable online and phone accounts.

3. Keep A Long Term View

However things are going, it is always tempting to obsess about the latest run of results growing over-confident in the good times and inhibited and gloomy during bad runs. Down at Football Value though, the watchword this season is to keep our objectives in perspective. They say: “Last season was a nightmare for many of those betting on football and personally I experienced a tougher betting market with sharper odds than before. What is important to remember in those situations is to always maintain a long term perspective and to not do anything drastic. Don’t overstake during a winning run and don’t try to win your losses back after a losing one. You should obviously review your services regularly but a service that experiences a couple of losing streaks isn’t necessarily a bad one.”

4. Seek Value In All Things

This season and every season is the same according to former professional player Goran Trpevski of Goran’s Winners. He says you must strive to understand what value means in everything – not just in betting.

He says: “How much value do the Englishmen get from Capello? How much value would you get from signing Shaun Wright Phillips for £24million? It’s the same in betting as in real life and learning the lesson that you should always make decisions on the most advantageous terms you can is really, really important.”

5.It’s All About The In Play

At countless times over the season you’ll be faced with a dilemma of what to do next after you have missed a price you wanted to bet at or you find that you can’t get your entire stake placed. Scottish Football Bet’s Greg Gordon’s solution is to do what you can prematch (perhaps even reducing your stake if you miss a price) and then look to make up any deficit when the game kicks off. He says: “If you miss the price you want to back a side at ahead of kick off, or can’t get all your stake on, try and make use of any in play markets you can find with bookmakers and on the exchanges. Hopefully someone will be quoting in play prices and if there isn’t an early goal you’ll probably get the chance to back the team you want at a price you like and to decent money too. In fact we could all do a lot worse than build more intelligent in-play betting into our repertoire.”

Tips 6 to 11 will appear on our blog next Wednesday, keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the advice from our group of experts…