SBC 92: A Profitable Double Double!

Inside the latest SBC Magazine (Issue 92) we have two highly profitable tipsters you will need to know about and a pair of articles offering betting insight you can’t afford to ignore.

We have a football tipster specialising in goal betting and a racing tipster with high turnover profits. Our betting insight articles include an update on our acclaimed football combo strategy as well as an in depth feature on odds movements for football tipsters. 

FEATURE 1: Football Combo Profits Compared – 260% Profits v 153%!

Within the last three editions of SBC, we have revealed the full details of our football combo strategy. In summary, this shows you how to make huge football betting returns by monitoring the tips of multiple experts.

When more than one expert agrees on a tip, you’re more likely to have found a value bet!

To really unlock the profits from this methodology, you need to know not just WHO to follow, but also HOW.

In this month’s edition, we dig a little deeper on how to follow the football combo method – specifically whether to use Asian Handicap or not.

Asian Handicap bets are often favoured by savvy punters because of the unlimited liquidity available, but they have their disadvantages too. They can often help smooth betting returns, but sometimes this is at the cost of your take home profits.

Take the table below from our combo strategy article:Asian Handicap Vs Win Only Table

The left hand side shows returns betting win only, while the right hand side shows returns betting with Asian Handicaps. We can see that betting using AH can reduce your ROI – this much is typical, but what is unusual is that it also reduces your take home profits (your Return on Capital).

To find out more valuable insights like this, grab your copy of Smart Betting Club’s 92nd edition today.

The Combo Systems - SBC92

RACING Review: High Turnover Profits – 214% bank growth in 14 months 

Also this month, we review a racing tipster offering a busy turnover of bets throughout the racing season. With over a years’ proofing under his belt and an incredible 3,246 bets in this time, it’s high time that we shared the promising results from this tipster.

As our readers have come to expect, we go beyond an analysis of the headline results, offering insights into these areas:

  • Month by month analysis
  • Typical odds bands
  • UK Racing v Irish
  • Advised stakes options compared
  • Advised stakes v level stakes
  • Odds availability
  • Racing codes compared (flat v national hunt)

It’s this detailed analysis that reveals that flat racing has produced the biggest bang for your buck with +241 points from 769 bets (20.2% ROI)!

FOOTBALL Review: 120% Profit From Goal Betting

Our next review covers the tips from a maths graduate focusing on the Over 2.5 goal market.
This tipster initially became involved in betting whilst studying for her degree, and having identified a “quirk in the bookmaker’s goals pricing”, her gambling grew to become the source of a very useful second income that helped to see her through her studies.This was over four years ago and since then she has accumulated a healthy return of 118.7% Return On Captial. The service is also available at a low cost with excellent odds availability.

FOOTBALL Special: Should You Wait Until Kick-Off?

In this editions final feature we focus on one notable football ratings service to look at odds movements, to answer the perennial questions such as:

  • Should you wait until kick off to get better odds?
  • Or should you grab the odds as soon as you can?
We provide a definitive answer to these questions with even more insight to help you get the most out of your football betting.
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