Rugby World Cup Betting: Underdogs beat the odds.

In a previous post on the Rugby World Cup, we highlighted the following stat:

According to the Racing Post, in the last World Cup, there were 20 pool matches featuring handicaps of 30 points or more. Eight favourites covered the handicap while 12 fell short.

We highlighted all the 30 point handicaps, here’s how they performed:

  • New Zealand vs Tonga: Tonga +62.5 @ 1.94 Pinnacle Sports. Result….New Zealand by just 31. +0.94
  • Scotland vs Romania: Romania +35.5 @1.93 Pinnacle Sports. Scotland by 10. +0.93
  • Fiji vs Namibia: Namibia +30.5 @1.99 Pinnacle Sports. Fiji by 24. +0.95
  • France vs Japan: Japan +45.5 @ 2.00 Ladbrokes. France by 26. + 1.00
  • Australia vs Italy: Italy +30.5 @ 1.96 Pinnacle Sports. Australia by 26 +0.95
  • Ireland vs USA: USA +33.5 @ 2.03 Pinnacle Sports. Ireland by just 12 +1.03

Total handicap profits: 5.80 points!

The underdogs performed mightily over the opening weekend. Incredibly, all handicaps over 30 points or more were over turned in favour of the underdog.

The New Zealand game was certainly helped by the All Blacks taking their foot off the gas in the 2nd half.

Upcoming Games: 

Personally I feel we’ve had our luck with these handicaps and we may be giving the profits made as the bookies and major teams sharpen up.

Still, we’ll be tracking the performance of the 30 point handicaps for the rest of the tournament. Here are the upcoming games:

  • Samoa vs Namibia: Namibia +30.5 @ 2.19 12bet

There’s only one mid week handicap that qualifies, the bookies are waiting for team news before pricing up the weekend games.