Bumper SBC Content: Racing Tipster Profit Report & Sys Analyst FREE At Cheltenham

The latest SBC publication – a brand new Tipster Profit Report has just been released and is available for download now.

This report is a Horse Racing only report and it includes details on two new Hall of Fame entrants (and one removal). Featuring everything you need to know about the racing tipsters to follow, not just at Cheltenham Festival but all year round!

Available in PDF format, you can gain instant access to read it by signing up for a full SBC Membership.


With Cheltenham the main focus of most bettors this week, we also have a free service available to members for the week. One of our top rated Hall of Fame tipsters is System Analyst, which is run by Allan Darke and has a long history of beating the bookmaker and these days – the exchanges.

Allan has a phenomenal long-standing ability to win on horse racing and our recent members review of his service in May 2023 outlined this in extensive detail.

Well the great news is that Allan has agreed to supply ALL his Cheltenham Exchange bets free of charge to SBC members this week.

All bets will be advised at around 1pm each day of Cheltenham (Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th) and come with staking and minimum price guidance for betting on the exchanges.


Allan’s Exchange based tips have racked up some excellent numbers, both at the Cheltenham Festival and beyond.

He began a new ‘Exchange’ focused service back in September 2023, which have made a 10.8% ROI from 553 bets that have met his Minimum Guide Price in the 5 minutes before a race starts. This is based on proofed data back to September 2023.

Secondly, those bets advised at Cheltenham over the years that Allan has run System Analyst have also fared very well. Again, only listing those bets where the Betfair SP has been the same or above his Minimum Guide Price, these bets alone have made an outstanding ROI of 75.4% from 144 qualifying bets.

This isn’t the biggest sample, but with just 4 days of Cheltenham Festival a year, we are limited in terms of how many bets we can analyse! The likelihood is that a 75.4% ROI is a significant overperformance in terms of what we can realistically expect, yet given Allan’s long-term ability to make a substantial profit on horse racing, it is betting with a distinct edge in our favour.

You can read all about Allan’s System Analyst service in SBC 135, which was released in May 2023. Again, this will be available to read instantly if you sign up for a paid SBC Membership.


To access all of this content – the Racing Tipster Profit Report and System Analyst’s tips this week, you will need a Smart Betting Club membership.

Different sign up options are available to view here, and with dozens of excellent offers, discounts and trials meaning that any sign up cost can quickly be ‘saved back’ and then some!

Cheltenham can be a minefield for punters but we have some of the very best tipsters to help you make some serious profit – we would love for you to join us!