Why Pretending You’re A ‘Mug Punter’ Matters In 2014

This week signaled the 8 year anniversary of the Smart Betting Club, during which time it’s fair to say the landscape of betting has certainly changed a fair bit!

Back in May 2006, the dreaded FOBT’s were just a twinkle in Fred Done’s eye (or glow off his shiny bonce) and punters could get their bets on with comparative ease on sports such as horse racing.

Since those heady days a lot has changed, and most of it firmly in favour of the bookmaker – at least for those punters operating without the right expertise to navigate them through the present day betting minefield.

Adapt, Evolve & Profit 

The key in such a changing world is to adapt and learn to bet not only on the right sports but at the right time and with the right bookmaker.

That last point is key as understanding how the bookies work is vital to our future success, which is why here at SBC we are due to release a very special bookmaker-focused magazine tomorrow.

emailBannerFor one month we are taking a break from uncovering and reviewing profitable tipsters (that will return in June!) and instead have compiled a guide to what you need to know about how the bookies work in today’s modern betting world.

After all, bookies have teams of people analysing every minor nuance of our strengths and weaknesses but what about their own flaws and areas of vulnerability? Because these do exist…

Well this guide has the details on all of that, let me showcase a little bit of what it contains…

Pretending To Be A Mug Punter

When it comes to betting on horse racing, many of the big name UK bookies are wary of those with a hint of ability or nous. Therefore the best approach is to play directly into their hands and pretend to be a mug.

To help understand how to do this, we spent some time chatting with a variety of industry figures and insiders who were able to detail some of the best ways to pull the wool over the bookies eyes.

For example, Bet Victor like to see their customers play in the online casino for the simple reason that the vast, vast majority of people who do, lose money and help swell the shareholders coffers.

Therefore the simple act of spinning £10 or £20 on the roulette or blackjack table every couple of weeks can help keep up the charade that you might not actually know what you are doing. Even if you actually do.

The upshot of this? Well it’s just one way admittedly to prevent your account being too closely observed as ‘unprofitable’ and stakes being limited, which can certainly happen especially if proving successful betting on the nags.

Being Careful With The Source Of Your Arrival

In today’s era of online betting, the bookies use all kinds of techniques to track shrewd gamblers and one such way is by observing how you arrived at their site.

If clicking a link from a known bookie bagging site for example, this may well represent a major black flag against you by the bookmaker, as they may feel you have simply come to fleece their new account offers.

Similarly if using an expert odds comparison site and clicking the direct link to a bookie – this too can go against you. The best option is to simply open a new browser window and visit the site directly yourself.

Conversely, some sites actually act in your favour and I am told that placing bets through the likes of the Racing Post can actually be a positive! For better or worse, most people using parts of their site and especially their app are not considered the most clued up of punters and the bookies in general love them.

The Evolution Of A Gambler

It’s also vitally important to understand what you should bet on and at what point of time, which is why in this latest mag we have put forward a specific feature on the 5 stages of profitable gambling.

Think of it if you will like the ‘March of Progress’ illustration that depicts man’s evolutionary development over 25 million years (Google it if not – you’ll recognise it immediately).

You might start for example on certain sports such as horse racing, which can ultimately serve as a fantastic launch-pad for betting profitably. Then once you start maximising this, you can begin
diversifying into other sports and markets, which offer more sustainable profits.

It’s our approved (and used) method of betting for success in 2014 as long gone are the days you can simply place a bet on any sport with whom you like and at any old time. As the bookies have got smarter, so must we and knowing what markets to bet on and when is key for any gambler.

More Available In Bookie Special Mag

There is a heck of a lot more I could have put in today’s column, all of which you can find in this latest SBC magazine, which is due for release tomorrow (Saturday 24th May).

If interested in grabbing your own copy – you can do so the instant it is released as a subscriber to the SBC service.

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