Inside Information Tipster Review – Premium Racing Tips

Last Wednesday saw the release of the 2nd review from the latest SBC Magazine (Issue 137) which was our much-anticipated review of an ‘Inside Information’ led service and one that had attracted a lot of interest in recent weeks.

That interest was piqued by its mention on the recent SBC podcast and down to its quite frankly ridiculous sounding betting record with a 1204 point profit at 86.61% ROI from 696 bets since 2021.

The full record of this service up to Mid November 2023

In that episode, Josh and I discussed our take on the service to date and the fact that although we had proofed a large proportion of these bets (our proofing began in September 2022) we still had quite a few questions on its operation.

Yes, we had seen lots of these bets win and at big prices over the past 15 months, but exactly how sustainable are these profits?

Is it realistic to expect to make an ROI in excess of 86% year on year?

Could you also trust them with your money as you might a service that derives its profit from more traditional approaches to finding value, such as form study, market analysis or modelling?

Premium Racing Tips

Today I am happy to name the service in question – Premium Racing Tips, which you can find over at

I know a lot of you were keen to know their identity and to explore what they offer yourselves, and whilst I was loathe to share this information before we had published our 20-page review for SBC members, I am happy to do so now.

Now this blog post is not a recommendation of their service from us at SBC as the reality is that our review uncovered some issues that at this time, have raised enough concern for us to only post a ‘watch’ rating on this tipster.

Effectively this means to simply watch how the service develops before considering a subscription.

These issues were only uncovered when we really started to dig deep and perform our usual due diligence as we do on any tipster review.

Initially they focused on simpler things like what seemed to be sloppy results keeping, which actually understated their profits by a small degree. For example we found bets settled on the wrong date and an 11/1 winner actually missed off the results spreadsheet.

Yet then we raised questions about exactly what odds and terms bets were being advised and therefore settled at that didn’t get a straight answer. For example – the tipster recently advised a bet that you could take at 50/1 each way (first 4), 20/1 (first 6) or 14/1 (first 7). The horse ultimately finished 6th and was settled at 20/1 but we wanted to know what the official advice was as it wasn’t clear. If it had won, would that have been logged at 50/1? Or if 7th, would it have been logged at 14/1?

These type of scenarios didn’t happen all too often but it seemed the type of thing that needed clarity. Clarity that never came.

A Watching Brief Only

So with the SBC team having written the review, I then shared a near final draft with those at Premium Racing Tips who it is safe to say were not happy with it.

Exactly why has never been explained to me, but the upshot was that they were not keen for me to publish the review and asked me not to.

Nevertheless, I pushed ahead as I thought it was fair, accurate and representative and I also weighed up the level of interest in the service alongside the number of subscribers to it already (including several SBC members who were already part of it) and felt I had a duty to put it out.

All told, during the concluding process of the review itself, my team and I actually ended up adjusting the planned published review 7 times based on changes from the service at the 11th hour. This includes those named as operating the service and its operation moving forward, their desire to include and then exclude a written interview and the fact their previously detailed spreadsheet of results online was replaced by summary of bet performance.

My team and I didnt get a sense that this was the most professionally run or stable service and as we said in the podcast – that was the key question for us. How sustainable and reliable are these profits?

So that’s where we are today – our very detailed review was published last Wednesday and for those of you wanting to know more about this service and our forensic approach to overviewing tipsters, you can read it with an SBC membership.

Ultimately I believe that only time will tell on this service in terms of its sustainability as a profitable tipster you can consider long-term. During the latter stages of the review process we saw enough to be concerned as to suggest members only consider a watching brief at this time.

It might be my team and I being overly cautious but it’s safe to say that given the amount of high-quality, well run tipsters available right now, there is no need to take undue risks with your money. Albeit none of them have an 86% ROI but then I do know that the services they offer are sustainable and they can be used with full confidence.

Perhaps in time the same will be said for PRT. I am looking forward to seeing how things develop on this one.

Pete – SBC Editor