Introducing BetDEX – A New Sports Betting Exchange With A Twist

One of the key challenges for us bettors these days is working out exactly where we can and should place our bets – especially as keen, smart bettors.

So in today’s article, I want to introduce another excellent new exchange option now available – BetDEX, which will appeal to many of you. More on them shortly. 

Yet whether it be exchanges like BetDEX, soft and sharp bookmakers, brokers, or even offshore/grey bookies – there is a lot of choice available to us these days as punters. 

Yet due to the vagaries of how these firms work and their regulation, not all of them are available to each of us based on where we live and bet from. That might be down to something like restrictions (soft bookies!), deposit limits or even licensing issues. 

Hence why we have such a focus on all of these topics at the moment at SBC as part of a desire to explain which options are available to you.

So whilst BetDEX are not licensed in the UK yet (They are in several countries such as Ireland, Brazil, Canada, Germany and many more) their unique ‘decentralised model’ suggests they will be a real coming force. This is because they have developed their exchange using a permissionless protocol which anyone can access (Think Betfair but with an actual Open API)

The fact they work with both fiat and crypto currency backs this up further and we expect exchanges like BetDEX to be the direction of travel for keen bettors in the future.

Introducing BetDEX

To best understand BetDEX and what they do, I asked them to explain more on who they are, what they do and why they might appeal to you. Thanks to Varun from BetDEX for writing the below…

‘Hi there,

We’re BetDEX – a team with over 100 years of experience in sports betting. We have seen first-hand how the industry can often take advantage of its customers. High fees, difficulty withdrawing your winnings, arbitrary account restrictions and a lack of product innovation are unfortunately par for the course.

We think it’s time that you ditch the premium charging incumbents and come check out the BetDEX Exchange – a sports betting exchange truly Built for the Bettor.

About 18 months ago, we launched the initial beta offering of our product, with the mission of building the most customer-centric betting exchange in the world. Over the past year, we have created a betting exchange with: 

    1. Expansive market coverage: Went from pre-match football to a wide variety of betting markets, including football, American football, tennis, hockey, basketball, baseball, cricket and more 
    2. Liquid betting markets: Bet $5k+ on key markets, with liquidity growing every day as the platform scales 
    3. Increased funding options: Fund your account easily with fiat or crypto. Additional options coming soon! 
  • Open access: We spun out our back-end into the Monaco Protocol, a permissionless and transparent on-chain matching algorithm and orderbook which anyone can access to trade into, provide liquidity onto, build their own applications on top of, and more. 

Traditional betting operators do not optimise their products for successful bettors, but BetDEX is changing the game.

What does this actually mean for you? On BetDEX you can expect to bet on a platform where: 

  1. Winners are welcome: No premium charges, no stake limiting.
  2. Low fees: Only 3% of net profit per market. We only charge commissions when you win, aligning our incentives with yours.
  3. Fair ecosystem: Bet against another user or be a bookie yourself.
  4. Great prices and tight spreads: Liquid markets with competitive prices
  5. Expansive sport coverage: Bet on football, american football, tennis, hockey, basketball, baseball, cricket and more
  6. Transparent operations: No front-running of orders or opaque order matching. All trades occur transparently on the blockchain. We’ve open-sourced our matching algorithm so you know there are no shenanigans involved. 
  7. Hassle-free withdrawals: No requests for unredacted bank statements
  8. Responsive Support: An actual human to help when you need it. 

With many Exchange operators now having a Sportsbook & Casino attached, driving the vast majority of their revenue, they naturally don’t want winning customers to stick around. 

In contrast, our business model consistently offers industry-best pricing with a promise to never apply restrictions to our users. Our fee structure is fair, our operations are transparent and winners are always welcome at BetDEX.

The list goes on and on, but as we all know – actions speak louder than words. 

If you are someone who just wants to get their bet on at a great price with no restrictions, come try us out at!

To celebrate our launch out of beta, we are offering 0% commission on all trades till September 6th. See more details here.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly at, or on twitter @svarun91.’ 

Learn More About Where You Can Bet!

Our work exploring the likes of BetDEX is based on our increased focus on helping to educate you on the best places to bet – beyond the main high street bookmakers and exchanges that you already know about. There are many more options than Bet365!

We report this based on 5 main categories to SBC members as follows:

  1. Soft Bookmakers
  2. Sharp Bookmakers
  3. Betting Exchanges
  4. Bet Brokers
  5. In Person – Shops/Kiosks

So if you are confused or unsure on what, where and who you should bet with, let us help unravel it for you. All of this insight is now part of our increased ‘Intelligence’ section dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and insight to help you win as a bettor.

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