How Much Did These Footy Tipsters Make Betting Last Year?

If you have any interest in betting and following footy tipsters to make you money, one question you could well have is:  Just how much can you realistically expect to make over a full football season?

To help answer this age old question, we tackled it head on in our recently released 2011/12 season footy tipster review. In this unique report, we collated the results from 17 of the top football tipsters that we have monitored over the past season (and beyond) to help find the answer.

Our critical analysis relied on one crucial financial figure: Just how much would any given footy tipster have grown your betting bank? Or to put it another way, if you started with £1,000 in July 2011, what would have ended up come May 2012?

The Top Footy Tipster: Double Your Money In One Season

 Starting at the top, the clear winner from the 2011/12 season was the football tipster who to sensible betting bank and staking plan suggestions will have grown your bank by 119%!

With just a £1,000 bank at the start of July 11, this would have ended up at £2,190.00 as of last week. Similarly, a £2,500 bank would have grown to £5,475.00 and £5,000 up to £10,950.00

What makes this service all the more impressive is their cost of following, which with the exclusive SBC discount is available at just £20 a month. Perhaps no surprise then to see them at the top of the pile for 2011/12!

86.4% Average From The Top 5 Footy Tipsters

Drilling down further, our 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th rated best tipsters, would have grown your bank by 108.96%, 72.60%, 67.05% and 64.83% respectively.

Taken as an average, the top 5 would have made you an 86.4% increase in your betting bank. That’s £1,000 into £1,864, £2,500 into £4,660 or £5,000 into £9,320!

Check out the full table below and the Bank Size figures (on the right) for these top 5 tipsters!

Footy Tipster

*Note all tipster names available to full SBC members only

Profit Making Season-In, Season-Out Football Tips

Where these 17 top tipsters also impress is in the longevity of profit-making. Their success is not just based on a lucky accumulator or a series of random bets, but proper football tips expertise.

Here at SBC we have been tracking many of these top football tipsters for several years (we began in May 2005) so we know exactly what they can do season-in, season-out.

Our top rated all-time football tipster in this time has made a whopping 790.32% increase in your betting bank since he began. A simple £1,000 with him back in 2006, would now be worth £8,903.20!

Check our all our time top 5 list of football tipsters as judged by return for your buck below in the table below:

Footy Tipster

The average from above is 500.45% growth – that’s £1,000 into £5,045.

Find Out More With Our Unique Football Tipster Guide

Hopefully all of the above helps answer that perennial question on how much money can realistically be made from football betting.

Note the key word here is realistic – with all bets settled at realistic odds, to normal stakes and with no funny business!

These tables and figures are as taken from our 2011/12 season football tipster report, which was published to our members on Wednesday and is a must-read guide if looking for help betting on the beautiful game.

Whether you are looking for tipsters to follow during Euro 2012 or simply just for next season, you can find out all this and more with a Smart Betting Club membership. The instant you join, you will have access to the football tipster report.

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