Free Football System Update: The ‘Fink Tank’ Profits Continue This Season

It’s been a tough start to the current football betting season for many, yet there is one system that continues to buck the trend – our very own Free Football System…The ‘Fink Tank’

Access your updated Fink Tank System Guide here

So far this season, the Basic Fink Tank Football System has made a £2,427.50 profit at £25 stakes if following it in across the top 4 English Leagues (correct as of 1st December 2013)

This is despite the very strong bias we have seen of home football sides winning so far this season, and so we only expect the profits to improve further in coming months.

Download Your Updated Basic Fink Tank System Guide

If you are not yet following the Fink Tank System, you can now download an updated version of our Free Guide, which explains the rules behind how it works.

You can also read about the results this Basic System has achieved historically (featuring results data going back more than 5 years) and also for the current 2013/14 season.

Access your updated Fink Tank System Guide here

Best Regards,

Peter – SBC Editor