3 months in – how exactly has my football coupons strategy fared? πŸ“ˆ πŸ“ˆ πŸ“ˆ

Back in August this year, I penned a very detailed SBC review exploring a uniquely profitable strategy forΒ betting on football in bookmaker shops.

The strategy was put forward by a 3rd party betting service, which offered a unique tool to help quickly identify the best football bets to back each week – those which had ‘smart money’ following them in.

Alongside my review of the service in question and the strategy itself, I also explored their own record since 2017, where they had made overΒ Β£60k at 25% ROI following it in person.

All told it was a very detailed review – more of whichΒ you can read about here.

Fast Forward 3 Months…

So impressed and convinced was I by this strategy that I upped my following of it this season with the small team that I work with –Β placing real money bets in real bookmaker shopsΒ on the football sides it identified as value.

Including with bookmakers I am unable to get more than 50p down online.

The great news is that performance has been excellent so far with a profitΒ of Β£12,615.32 at 45% ROI from 143 bets placed since the end of April at mainly 2 different bookmakers. Β£12,382.34 of that profit has come in 136 bets placed since August 2021 alone.”

And this is backed up up by the results of those from the service offering this strategy themselves, which over the course ofΒ 114 bets since August is up 28% ROI and an actual profit of Β£5152.78.

Our results are different as it very much depends on how often and exactly when you visit the bookmakers to place the bets.

The good news is that both of us are in profit, although being honest, there is every likelihood that my own results are over-performing a little and that in time my 47% ROI might reduce to closer to between 25% and 30% ROI.

Not that I am complaining about over performance!

Yet what is clear is that this strategy continues to deliver and if yet to check it out and intrigued by the idea of betting in person in bookmaker shops, then I urge you to do so.

It is also needless to say a wonderful solution for those of you who like me are banned or restricted from betting online for winning.

Read The Article In Full.

You can read my full article on this strategy and the service behind it in SBC Issue 124, which is available the instant you become aΒ paid-up member of the Smart Betting Club.
Inside this article you can find everything you need to make it work including advice on bet placement, the bookies to use, how and when to bet and even tactics for getting bookmaker shop staff onside!

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