Fink Tank Test: This weekend’s games

I’m testing the predictive and value betting ability with the Fink Tank ratings. Have a good read of the first post here to make sense of it.

So far the Fink Tank performed as follows:

Raw 1×2 betting: +3.25
With team news filter: -1.10

I’ve dropped the Asian handicap bets to ease the admin burden of tracking these.

Too early to say anything concrete with the bulk of the raw profits coming from the teams being missed out by the team filter.

This week’s qualifiers:

Fink tank has gone with the under dogs this week.

Note there’s no team news this week with Blackpool, but I ran a stat that showed that its unprofitable to back newly promoted teams in their 2nd home game. Perhaps there is an over reaction to the 1st home game trend.

The fink tank column is their predicted chance of that team’s victory. The test backs West Ham because the 6.6% chance is better than the chance implied by the odds.

At the end of the season it will be better if you only stuck to matches where the predicted chance of success was 33% or higher. For now I’ll log everything.