Fink Tank Test: Games for the weekend of the 6th

I’m testing the predictive and value betting ability with the Fink Tank ratings. Have a good read of the first post here to make sense of it. Basically my rules are to bet when you can get odds which offer value when compared to Fink Tank’s predicted probability of each game.

So far the ratings have made a profit using a strictly value betting approach.

Profit: +28.51
Points wagered: 89
ROI (Profit divided by turnover): 32%

So a good performance so far, but pretty much all of this profit has come from landing a few big winners. Everything else has been pretty much break even.

Here are this weekend’s selections:

The Fink Tank column represents Fink Tank’s estimated probability of the team winning. E.g. 47.7 = 47.7% chance of winning. We bet when the odds available imply the probability is lower (i.e. value)