Euro 2012 Tips: How Each Countries Travel Schedule Can Help Form Your Tournament Bets

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To showcase what you can expect to read in the guide,  today we have an exclusive excerpt to share on the travelling that each nation will face during Euro 2012. The article itself has been provided by the experts at  and is taken from their own forthcoming Essential Guide To Euro 2012.

Some countries have hotels and training grounds located extremely closely to where they play each fixture, whilst others face potentially exhausting 1000 mile+ round trips just to play a game. Denmark for example face an equivalent trip of flying from London to Delhi just to take part in their first game against Holland – madness!

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Euro 2012 Tips: Team Travel And Accommodation

The logistics relating to players’ comfort and preparation are often overlooked by punters whose focus is strictly on the action on the field. However there are a number of nations represented at Euro 2012 – Holland, Croatia and Portugal to name but three – with a massive potential for squad unrest if travel and prep work isn’t totally bang on.

So, before you place a bet at Euro 2012 it is a good idea to get a sense of where the sides are based, where they’ve trained and just how far they are travelling to get to their group games.

Czech Republic

The Czech squad will travel to Wroclaw from Prague by train and will stay at the central Hotel Monopol during the group phase. The Czech’s will train at the nearby former home ground of Slask Wroclaw and the venue for their three games in Group A is just 0.5 miles away at Slask’s new ground.

Note: The Czech’s have kept the fuss to a minimum – a micro-minimum in fact. The only issue could be the choice of a city centre hotel and the city’s potential distractions for the players.


The Danes are clearly banking on progressing and therefore limiting travel later on. Either that or they have been offered a budget deal at the Hotel Marine in Kolobzreg. The hotel is 125 miles west of Gdansk, however, their group games are all in the Ukraine. That gives them a 502 mile flight (1,004 miles round trip) to Lviv for two games against Portugal and Germany. The Danes will also face a whopping 917 miles (1,834 mile round trip) for their opener v Holland just five days after landing in Poland. That is equivalent to a flight from London to Delhi in India – and surely something no football team in a tournament should be looking to undertake ahead of their opening game?

The Danes will train at the open-ended Kotwica Kolozberg Stadion, home of the local third  division side.

Note: The Danes look to have built a massive amount of travel (far too much) into their schedule and their training facilities look very basic. This can only be a big negative for Denmark.


France play their first two games in Donetsk, Ukraine against England and then the host nation. Sensibly they’ve decided to base themselves at Shakhtar Donetsk’s renowned Kirsha Training Centre (which no doubt owes a certain kinship to France’s own Clairefontaine academy where all the squad will have been based over the years with underage teams and camps). The final game in Sweden is in Kiev – 369m miles away.

Note: Laurent Blanc looks to have got it right with a combination of minimal travel and top class accommodation.


The second favourites for Euro 2012 are renowned for their meticulous planning in all things. However they may have scored an own goal here by taking a base in Gdansk’s Hotel Dwor Oliwiki that requires and 1,600 mile round trip (800 miles) there and back from their toughest group game against Holland in Kharkiv. That is equivalent to a flight from London to Odense, Denmark and back. Germany will train at the Sports and Recreation Centre of Lechia Gdansk (the club’s former home prior to a ground switch to the PGE Arena). Germany’s third game is a relatively modest flight of 385 miles (and back) to Lviv, where they face Denmark.

Note: There is a lot of travelling prior to that crunch game against the Dutch. Presumably, the German’s confidence is such that they feel they will do their talking on the field regardless. I would question the wisdom though of making preparations needlessly arduous ahead of what may be a tournament defining game.

The above article has been provided by  and is taken from their own forthcoming Essential Guide To Euro 2012, also out soon. Email for details.

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