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In honour of our latest SBC magazine, which reviewed 3 of the best free tipsters to follow, today I want to share with you all a copy of our top performing Free Football System: The Fink Tank.

Download Your Free Fink Tank Football System Here

It’s made a total of 73.3 points at 1pt level stakes over the past 2 football seasons, with profit figures that put many paid-for tipsters to shame.

The system is based around the free Fink Tank football ratings posted each week by a company called Dectech who work in conjunction with the Times newspaper and its columnist Danny ‘The Fink’ Finkelstein.

The boffins at Dectech have built a complex statistical model on each football team, which they use to  publish a simple percentage chance of a home win, draw or away win in each English league game. This then forms the basis of our very easy to use system.

How The Fink Tank Football System Works

In order to bring this to life, let me show you how to run the Fink Tank System using this Saturdays game at Goodison park between Everton and Norwich as an example. Below is a screengrab of the percentage chances the Fink Tank gives each outcome on Saturday:

Free Football System

Everton are rated with a 65.2% chance of victory, with the draw considered to have a 20.8% chance and Norwich only 14%.

All you then need to do is convert these percentages into odds, which can be easily done with the quickest of calculations. Simply divide 100 by the percentage figure to get your odds.

If we do this we get the following:

Everton = 100/65.2 = 1.53 (these are our Fink Tank odds)
Norwich = 100/14.0 = 7.14
Draw = 100/20.8 = 4.80

Compare These ‘Fink Tank’ Odds With The Bookies

We then take our Fink Tank odds (Everton at 1.53, Norwich at 7.14 and the Draw at 4.80) and compare them with what the bookies are offering. If the odds on display are greater than what the Fink Tank suggests, then we have a value bet. The greater the difference, the greater the value bet!

I visited my favourite odds comparison site Odds Portal’ earlier today and found the following best odds on offer:

  • Everton to win. Best Priced 1.53 with Bet Victor. Same as our Fink Tank odds so no value
  • Draw. Best Priced 4.67 with Pinnacle Sports. -0.13 Less then our Fink Tank odds so negative value
  • Norwich. 8.00 with Totesport. +0.86 than our Fink Tank Odds so a positive value.

In this example, the value lies with Norwich who the Fink Tank rate as 7.14, yet we can back at 8.00 with Totesport.

All you then need to do is repeat this simple exercise for each game to find out where the value lies.

Results Over The Past 2 Seasons

Here at the Smart Betting Club we have performed the above exercise on almost every Premier League game from the past 2 seasons. We tracked the fairest odds on offer (not taking any wildly stand-out prices or with obscure bookies) and over the past 2 seasons, it has made a £73.30 profit using £1 level stakes with a 10.86% Return on Investment.

At £10 stakes, this becomes a £730.30 profit and at £25 stakes a profit of £1,832.50. Not bad for a free system.

Free Football System 2

For the 2012/13 current season, the Fink Tank system has broke-even over the first few months, however, it’s a system that really comes into its own once the season is underway. With just over a quarter of the season gone, it’s the ideal time to start following as early form has settled down and patterns start to emerge on each team.

Download Your Free Fink Tank Football System Here

Taken From Our Secret Betting System Guide

The ‘Fink Tank’ is just one example taken from our massive Secret Betting System Guide, which features a whole range of similar systems and strategies to follow including:

  • Our winning ‘on course for golf betting profits’ strategy
  • The football Ante post Betting Strategy that really works.
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  • And much more besides

Download your own copy of the Secret Betting System Guide immediately with a Smart Betting Club membership.

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