Dont Believe The Hype – Here’s The Best ‘Free Tipster’



You’ve all seen the headlines, I’m sure. I imagine the first thing that many folk do when they’ve bought their copy of the Racing Post is to turn to the Pricewise pages to see what Tom Segal is tipping that day.

I also wouldn’t mind betting that the number of hits on the Attheraces website goes through the roof each morning when Hugh Taylor’s selections are due for publication. After all, these guys have proven themselves to be shrewd readers of the formbook. And what’s more, these tips are free!

If something seems too good to be true, then it usually is!

I’m sure you’ve heard this old adage. Thing is, it’s often spot on and never more so than when we look a little more closely at some of these big-name, superstar tipsters that give out their bets for free.

Let’s take Hugh Taylor. There is no doubt the bookies are scared of him. Why wouldn’t they be? Looking at the Attheraces website, we can see he’s had five consecutive years of producing a fine profit.  28% ROI in 2011, 31% ROI in 2012, and 32% in 2013. Not bad, eh? Not bad at all.

Of course, those profit figures are the results to the advised odds he quotes and the sad reality is you’re going to have to be darned quick on the button to get those. Like I said, the bookies don’t like him. They’re looking out for his tips too, and as soon as they’re released, they’re slashing prices faster than Ray Winstone can say “have a bang on that!”

As for Pricewise, well, good luck with getting their advised odds! What you gonna do? Get to the newsagent for 6 in the morning? Keep your finger on the refresh button hoping to be first to get the tips through online?


Something we put a lot of emphasis on here at the Smart Betting Club is how achievable it is for the average man on the street to get the odds the tipsters are tipping at. Or at the very least, finding out how easy is it is to get acceptably close to those advised prices. And with that in mind, we put in a lot of effort to check this out properly, in a real time environment.

Which is why, when someone asked us recently whether Pricewise or Hugh Taylor are in our “Best 55 tipsters” from our latest Tipster Profit Report, our answer was no, they’re not.  They’re both good, obviously, but you just can’t get the odds on their picks. In other words, following these guys is a great idea in theory, but near useless in practice. Put bluntly, with these tips, the stated profits cannot be replicated, because the odds recommended aren’t actually available when you can put your bets on.

A free tipster that you CAN make money from

You maybe wondering where this article is going so let me explain with the help of this next example tipster and their record since January 2013, which is as follows…


Now if I said to you that these numbers have been achieved by a tipster that we’ve been tracking for years, who is possibly not quite as well-known as Pricewise or Hugh Taylor, but who is still free to follow, AND that these results were gained using odds that are available when the tips are released, what would you say?

This is no flash in the pan, either. At the SBC, in addition to odds availability, we also emphasise the importance of longevity. In total, we’ve tracked this free tipster for over four years and 925 bets, which have produced a stunning long term Return on Investment of 32.6%!

Just to reiterate: these results are calculated using odds actually available when the bets are issued, NOT by using the prices quoted by the tipster (which in this guy’s case are usually available anyway).

Increased exposure, Hall of Fame entrant, and yet STILL the odds are available!

After a quite phenomenal 2013, which followed incredibly strong long-term performance gained over previous years, we decided to introduce this free tipster into our ‘Hall of Fame’ of elite tipping services.

Naturally this increased exposure to the tipster, and as a result more people will have to started to follow the bets with hard cash. And yet, from our independent odds analysis that we’ve carried out through 2014, we can still see that following these bets still produce tremendous, and easily achievable, profits.

Let us break down this analysis for you. It relates to the 182 tips released in 2014 to date:

  • Average odds the tipster quotes: 19.8.
  • Odds actually available at time of bet release: 19.75 (a decline in odds of just 0.26%).
  • Odds available at 9.00am: 19.38 (a decline in odds of just 2.12%).
  • Odds available on the Exchange: 19.09 (a decline of just 3.59%).

The conclusion? That if following this tipster, we have to factor in a very small drop in the odds taken from those the tipster actually quotes himself. But we’re not seeing horses tipped at 20/1 that it is only possible to get 12/1 against, or rushing frantically to “snap up” 20/1 against a horse that only seconds ago had been tipped up at 33s!

In a nutshell, we have three excellent free tipsters, but only one that will land you consistently excellent profits…the one in our Hall of Fame.

Join us and find out how to make real profits

This gem of a tipster is just one of several free services we monitor and track on a daily basis at the Smart Betting Club  If you want to read more on this tipster, analyse its ratings and see where it sits in our tipster league tables, then join us now and gain instant access through our service

It’s very easy to look at the headline figures of many betting services and be fooled into thinking that replicating those figures is dead easy.  t’s not. Not unless you choose the right services.  We do the hard work so that you know who to follow to make real, not theoretical, profits.

So sign up today, and find out more on the free tipster with an achievable 32% long term ROI, along with the other 54 betting services we monitor.  Let us help you to make real money from your betting

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Rowan Day