đŸŽ„ Practical Demonstration of ‘Hall of Fame’ Pinnacle Odds Dropping Service đŸŽ„

Last week saw the release of the first review from SBC Magazine Issue #137 as we introduced Chasing Steamers to our members.

Using AI to scrape Pinnacle odds drops, this service provides thousands of monthly bets that can be backed at value prices with soft bookmakers.

We used it extensively as part of our review process and found it to be very good, especially for those of you at Stages 1, 2 or 3 of your profitable betting journey and looking to build a bank.

Video Resource

To accompany our 18 page review, Josh and I recorded a practical 1 hour video explainer last week, a clip of which you can watch by clicking play below:

video preview​

In the full 1 hour video, we talk about:

  • How the service works and who can make use of it
  • Our usage of it and the real life profits made.
  • Bookmakers and how to squeeze the most out of accounts by using less obvious ones!
  • Mistakes we made and tips to make the service more sustainable
  • How to get on selections (with live practical examples)
  • Recording results in an automatically updated personalised Google sheet
  • Conclusions about who it is for, how sustainable it is and things you need to consider before signing up

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Best of all, you can also enjoy a 15% discount on ALL Chasing Steamers subscriptions as an SBC member. Saving up to as much as £82.50 on a 12 month package with the service

Detailed reports, practical advice, member only content and considerable discounts are all examples of how we will help SBC Members assess this service but the benefits of membership don’t end there.

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