Can you obtain the results a tipster claims?


In today’s modern betting world, one of the key points you need to consider before following any tipster is exactly how their advised odds stand up.

Or to put it in more simple terms – Can you obtain the results a tipster claims?

After all, if a tipster puts up a horse at 10pm the night before racing and quotes a price of 6/1 from a bookmaker such as Stan James or Boylesports – the chances of actually getting your bet on at 6/1 are very slim indeed.

Not only are those two bookies amongst the very worst for slashing a price based on even a whiff of shrewd money, but in general it can be hard to get much down on a popular tip the night before racing.

Ultimately, this might mean you have to take 9/2 or 5/1, rather than the 6/1 advised. Repeat this enough times and any edge that a tipster might have can easily disappear. Especially if the tipster settles the bet at 6/1.

All of this is why, in the latest Tipster Profit Report, we introduced for the first time our ‘Adjusted Profits’ Tipster Tables, where we are illustrating the actual genuine profits tipsters have made AFTER a minimum of 15 minutes have elapsed from the time of bet advice.

Odds Availability Tracking As Standard For ALL SBC Reviews

For every tipster review we undertake at the Smart Betting Club, we now employ a member of our team to track the odds availability of the tips they advise.

To take a recent example – In December’s SBC Magazine (Issue 95) we reviewed a racing tipster for whom we tracked the odds available on the tips advised from a panel of 6 bookmakers (William Hill, Paddy Power, Coral, Bet365, Betfair Sportsbook and Ladbrokes) after 15 minutes and 1 hour had elapsed.

We then compared the results if taking a price after 15 minutes or 1 hour to the advised odds and Betfair SP to showcase how this changed the results claimed.

Here are the actual odds tracking table from that review:

Odds Tracking Win Bets - SBC

In total, our odds tracking took in 556 bets over a 5-month period to ensure we had the largest amount of data possible. The good news with this tipster is that you could actually IMPROVE profits by taking a price 15 minutes after a tip was advised. The claimed 18.6% ROI during this period would have increased to 19.6%.

Were you to wait an hour, there was a noted drop in the ROI down to 14.9%, whilst most encouragingly, at Betfair SP this tipster still made a 12.1% ROI.

The clear evidence from this tracking was that this tipster is claiming fairly achievable odds and is one to follow.

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Adjusted Profits Based On This Odds Tracking…

As we perform similar odds tracking for each tipster we review these days, we compiled all of this data for each tipster and presented it in our new Adjusted Profits Tables to present the differences on show.

This helps to raise awareness of those tipsters with both fair and possibly, unfair practices when it comes to settling bets and most crucially of all – how you can obtain the odds they quote!

Allow me to illustrate further using two examples from the Adjusted Profits Table, which are based on the annualised profits made to a £2,000 betting bank.

This £2,000 betting bank figure is merely a simple comparative sum – you don’t need this to follow them, it just helps us to compare and contrast easily.

In the example featuring Tipster 1 below, our tracking revealed that you could actually boost the claimed profits by as much as 5% within the first 15 minutes of their advising a bet. This is down to an extremely fair policy whereby Tipster 1 quotes and settle all tips to a very achievable price. Simply by using a site like Oddschecker to compare the best odds you can often beat their results.

To the £2,000 bank comparison sum, this 5% ROI difference in your favour over a year would be as much as £718 – a very considerable sum indeed.


On the other side, there are also those tipsters who quote what can be considered unrealistic odds as this next example proves.

If taking Tipster 2’s claimed results, you would have a £4,788 profit – however with this service we noted major changes in price with a 6% ROI drop within the first 15 minutes. This claimed £4,788 profit quickly became £2,207 after a drop of over £2,500!


These are two of the more extreme examples, although it’s fair to say Tipster 2 has a lot to do to improve the fairness of the odds they quote. Until they make changes to how they quote odds, then they will not reach the SBC Hall of Fame or be a tipster service we recommend. On the flipside, Tipster 1 deserves great credit for settling bets at very obtainable odds.

The Tipster Profit Train

It’s Not Just The Profits But Offering Achievable Odds That Matter

Odds availability is a crucial element of any tipster analysis and ultimately helping you choose and find the best tipsters to make you money betting.

Therefore, before you consider joining a tipster, stop to consider just how available or easy their claimed profits are to obtain. Simply listing the profit and loss sums is no longer enough in today’s modern betting and bookmaking world.

You need to know if you can match the advised prices…because it can ultimately decree whether you make a profit or loss from their advice!

The good news is that there are many tipsters out there, including those in our Hall of Fame who operate fair odds availability policies. Ensuring that at worst, you can match their claimed results and at times – even improve on them by using odds comparison websites.

You can find the full ‘Adjusted Profits’ Table in the latest Tipster Profit Report and all SBC reviews include such odds tracking as standard these days. It’s part of our quest to genuinely help you make money betting with tipsters.

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