Betting With Tipsters: 4 Simple Steps To Success

Last Friday saw the release of our special Bet Diary Profit Report, outlining the money betting that SBC writer, Rowan had made following 8 tipsters over the past year.

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Yet, whilst Rowan’s experience is proof positive of the ability to make money betting using tipsters, what else do you need to know to make your betting all a success?

4 Simple Steps To Your Betting Success

To help explain, Rowan has also put together 4 very simple and straightforward steps to setting your betting up professionally.

All with the end goal of helping you make excellent profits following a portfolio of expert tipsters.

If you can follow each step of this process then betting can become a means of serious investment. Rowan is proof of this after all!

Let’s break it all down and take a closer look at each of these steps…

Step 1: Getting the best prices – opening bookmaker accounts 

A common mistake punters make is not attaching enough importance to the odds they’re getting on their bets.

Often this is because they open just one bookmaker account and then use that firm to place all of their bets.  Whilst the bookies love this ‘brand loyalty’, as a punter this approach will only lose you money.

Taking odds of 5/2 on a horse instead of 3/1 doesn’t sound as if it should make too much difference to your bottom line.  But over time, it makes a massive difference.  At £50 stakes, it’s a difference of £25 profit for every bet that wins– which all adds up.

It is therefore hugely important to shop around and get the best prices you possibly can, and to do that you need to have a choice of bookmakers that you can bet with.

Also – it’s well worth maximizing your usage of the Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) concession, which according to Oddschecker, is now available with 18 different horse racing bookies.

BOG ensures that if you take a price on a horse and it drifts out, then you will be paid at the longer SP should it win. Another reason to have accounts with all 18 bookies to ensure you benefit from this whilst you can.

The other reason to hold as many accounts as possible is to spread your winnings around different bookmakers. It is a reality that in today’s modern betting world, bookmakers sniff out people who they think might have an edge over them and close or limit your accounts.

One obvious way to avoid this is not to keep flogging the same bookmaker with every bet…especially when they win!

Winning £1800 with one bookie in a short space of time will probably see you attract their attention, yet winning £100 across 18 different accounts will probably not.

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Step 2: Choosing the right tipsters TO SUIT YOU! 

Whilst the Smart Betting Club can help you when it comes to identifying the best tipsters – choosing the right tipsters to actually suit you is incredibly important.

This is because not every tipster will be right for your circumstances – whether it be the time of bet release, quantity of bets, price, strike-rate of any number of things.

Let’s say for example, you decide to sign up to a racing tipster who release their tips at 10am every morning.

If at this time of day you are working and unable to place bets until, say lunchtime…well then you might find the odds on the tips have shortened considerably. Thus meaning you have missed out on the value identified by your tipster.  And if you’re not betting at value prices, you WILL lose money in the long run.

Instead you should focus on tipsters that put up tips at lunchtime (and there are plenty out there that do this).

Your attitude to risk and expectations on how quickly you want to make a profit should also help you choose the right tipsters

If, for example you hate losing, then a profitable tipster that picks out bets at an average price of 10/1, might not sit well with your psychological profile.

If, for example only 15% of their 10/1 bets win – that will undoubtedly mean relatively long losing runs at times. In this scenario, you may well find yourself being worn down mentally, possibly to the point where you make expensive mistakes with your betting.

Step 3: Spreading the risk. 

Diversification is everything.  As with any form of serious investment, spreading the risk is vital for long term success.

Within the Bet Diary blog that Rowan writes, you can follow his ongoing ups and downs of following a portfolio of tipster services to make money.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the services being followed:

  1. A racing tipster form reader who tips primarily on the flat/all weather.
  2. A second racing tipster who tips exclusively over the jumps.
  3. A third racing tipster that backs selections between 7/4 and 3/1 only
  4. A golf tipster that provides advice for all major tournaments
  5. A football service that concentrates on the English domestic leagues.

You can see that either the method, or the area of specialty, is different with each service.  In other words, there is minimal correlation between the way each of the services operate.  This avoids the situation whereby a large and disproportionate stake is being placed on one market or sport.

As ever the old proverb rings true – don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

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Step 4: Recording the results and making a profit. 

If you want to make your betting a success, keeping an accurate record of results is essential, so that at any given moment in time the exact profit and loss position can be seen.

Looking at the portfolio of five services in Step 3, how did they perform over the past 12 months?

Taking a look at the results from April 1st, 2016 to March 31st 2017 tells us all:

  1. 76.68pts profit, ROI 8.8%, ROC 95.8%.
  2. 4.33pts profit, ROI 11%, ROC 8.6%.
  3. *22pts profit, ROI 5.9%, ROC 22%. (*only followed since August).
  4. 122.1pts profit, ROI 16.9%, ROC 61%.
  5. 18.62pts profit, ROI 12.9%, ROC 37.3%.

In this example, Rowan’s greatest profit in terms of Betting Bank Growth – The ROC originated from Service 1 and 4, whilst the smallest ROC profit came from Service 2.

It might be that he wishes to allocate more funds to the most profitable and evaluate those at the other end of the scale to understand if he should continue to follow them.

It is only by keeping an individual record of performance for each tipster that you can understand your portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses.

How SBC Can Help Every Step Of The Way

Hopefully these 4 simple steps will have given you some insight into how easy it is to get started making money betting with tipsters and a few straightforward pointers on how to maximise your efforts.

As an SBC member, we provide you with everything you could possibly need to know about how to elevate your betting so that it becomes a true investment.

You will receive:

  • Advice on the best (and worst) bookmakers plus exchanges to open accounts with;
  • Detailed tipster reviews outlining key points such as time/date of bet release, patience needed to follow, betting bank requirements, suitability to those in different time zones;
  • Reviews and recommendations across a wide variety of sports including Horse Racing, Football, Golf, Tennis, Darts, NFL, Basketball, NHL, Baseball, Rugby & more.
  • A 3-month free trial to the Pro Bet Recording/Tracking Service (Worth $12 a month)

A Smart Betting Club membership also comes with a 90-day risk-free money back guarantee so you can sign-up today and try out the service.

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Wishing you the best of luck with your betting!

Rowan (Writer) & Peter (Editor)
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