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£16 Off ALL SBC Memberships During May

2006 to 2016: Celebrating A Decade Of The Smart Betting Club

May 2016 represents a unique milestone in the history of the Smart Betting Club as its our ten-year anniversary of service and to celebrate we have a really special offer for you!

Throughout May we are deducting £16 off the cost of ALL Smart Betting Club Memberships – Silver, Gold and Platinum, making it an ideal time to see just how we can help you make money betting.

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Save £16 - SBC 10 Year Anniversary

Why Ten Years Matters In The Tipping World

Ten years is a long time in any business, yet it is a lifetime in the tipping world – so how have we lasted the test of time?

We like to think this is down to our independent review stance and the unique way in which we are funded, which allows us to tell it like it is.

So rather than making a cut from sales of the tipsters we review (which is how all other review sites work), instead we charge you a membership fee for access to our reports and magazines, which allows us to be independent.

Ultimately this means we can tell you the truth where others won’t. If we don’t rate a tipster, we will tell you – regardless of how much money they might offer us to say otherwise.

Thus ensuring you can trust our opinion at all times on just which tipsters can make you money betting.

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Real-Life Story: £11,595 net profit in 2015 & finally credit-card debt free

Over the course of the past 10 years we have helped many people with their betting, yet recently one member emailed in with details on his own unique journey from perennial loser to long-term winner.

His name is Steve and he has been a member of the Smart Betting Club since May 2014.

Here is his story in his own words…

£11,595 net profit in 2015 & finally credit-card debt free

“For me it all started back in January 2014 when I received a glossy item of junk mail from a ‘racing club’ offering me a 4 week trial to include a ‘HUGE GAMBLE’ at Chepstow on 22nd February – all for the massive discount of £49 – saving me a huge £71.

I took no action and ignored it – but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I started to wonder if there was some organisation that rates/monitors these racing clubs/tipsters. A month or so later I started to ‘scratch that itch’ and did some research on-line and eventually stumbled on a blog called ‘The Portfolio Investor’ written by Rowan Day.  Here for the first time – I learnt that following a portfolio of carefully chosen tipsters could be profitable – with a fair degree of patience and discipline.  Rowan also mentioned ‘The Smart Betting Club’ in fairly glowing terms, so I looked them up.

It’s worth pointing out that I’ve not been a fan of horse racing – or gambling for that matter and up to this point – had only dabbled with very small stakes (up to a fiver). So the idea of parting with £79 to join ‘The Smart Betting Club’, wasn’t an easy decision – £79 was (and still is) a lot of money to me!  But after a couple of month’s deliberation and further reading of Rowan’s blog, I took the plunge on 1st May 2014 and paid my £79 to join. There was a money back guarantee after all, so what had I got to lose?

I opened a separate bank account and email account as recommended and then joined 3 horse racing tipsters including the ‘Northern Monkey Punter’ and have to admit that I got lucky with some good returns in my first couple of months – it all seemed to be too easy! Towards the end of the year I hit a losing run and ditched a couple of tipsters in favour of SBC ‘Hall of Fame’ recommendations.  Losing runs are horrible, but provide a useful reality check – and I found myself re-reading the SBC’s ‘Professional Gambler Blueprint’ over and over to make sure I wasn’t making silly mistakes (I was) !

2015 started slowly and I didn’t make a penny of profit for the first 10 weeks.  Then came Cheltenham and at last – a chink of light !  Sadly Cheltenham was followed by another 4 barren weeks until Aintree when another good 3 days produced a little profit.  With this profit, I took the plunge and joined another Hall of Fame tipster. That was back in May of last year and I haven’t looked back since!  I currently follow 5 racing tipsters, all of whom are SBC reviewed and recommended.

During 2015, I managed an incredible net profit of £11,595 (after £1,764 of tipster subscription and SBC fees were deducted).  I’m now free from credit card debt for the first time in years and am planning a cruise with my long suffering wife for our Silver wedding anniversary in October this year – happy days!

I know it all sounds easy – but it does require a daily commitment to follow my chosen tipsters – every day of every week – the novelty has long since worn off!  Patience and discipline are also attributes that you cannot have too much of. Keeping a record and checking the latest Tipster Profit Report are also essential steps towards making some money and staying profitable.  So in 2 years I’ve come a long way –  I’ve made some mistakes and learned from them.  And I’ve really started to enjoy horse racing and went to my first race meeting last June at Royal Ascot – great fun !

Could I have done it without ‘The Smart Betting Club’?  Not a chance.”

Steve from Cheltenham. SBC Member since May 2014

Save £16 SBC 10 Year Anniversary

Why Ten Years Matters In The Tipping World

Steve’s story is similar to many other Smart Betting Club members I have had the pleasure of speaking to over the years.

After all, over 85% of those surveyed in our end of year members poll told us they made a profit in 2015.

So why not take the plunge this May, save yourself £16 and enter the world of professional betting.

You can get started straight away with instant access to our service as soon as you sign-up.

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