£1 for 60 days membership: The tipster that turned £1k into £6.9k

Without a doubt the main headline from the very latest Secret Betting Magazine (Issue 98 – released Tuesday) was the review of the red-hot racing tipster that has made a phenomenal 598% betting bank growth in 27 months.

Having racked up 747 points profit at a ROI of 22.6% during this period and with a special offer of 60 days subscription for just £1 (exclusively to SBC), I thought it wise to reveal a little bit more today.

Here then is a brief snapshot of what this tipster has achieved since June 2014 and just why they are taking the internet tipping world by storm!

£1000 Into £6,981 Since July 2014

As ever, two of the best indicators for the profitability of any tipster is their Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Capital (ROC).

Starting off with ROI, this is a figure which helps to outline how much you need to stake to make a profit betting by following their tips.

Here, this tipster thrives with a 22.6% ROI from 2,386 bets since 2014. This also equates to a 747-point profit from 3,306 points staked.


It’s not just ROI that helps, but also Return on Capital (ROC, although also known as betting bank growth), which informs you how much money you need to allocate to follow a tipster.

As the table below indicates, over the same period and to our advised betting bank, this tipster has made 598.1% ROC or betting bank growth.

This 598.1% ROC figure has been generated consistently over the years with 118.2% in 2014(the service started in July of that year), 196.9% in 2015 and 283% so far in 2016.


Putting that 598.1% figure into real money…

  • £500 invested in 2014 would now be worth £3,490
  • £1000 invested in 2014 would now be worth £6,981
  • £2000 invested in 2014 would now be worth £13,962
  • £4000 invested in 2014 would now be worth £27,924

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A Minimum Profit Of 7.9% ROI At Betfair SP

As with every racing tipster we review, we also looked at their performance to Betfair SP (minus 5% commission) to see if there is potential to follow them on the exchange.

We discovered that over the 2386 bets advised, you would have made a 259.9-point profit at 7.9% ROI if betting at Betfair SP in this way. Factoring in the likelihood you would pay a lower commission than 5% over time, it is likely you would have easily bettered this sum.

Below is the full table of performance comparing advised odds to Betfair SP.


83.2% ROI At Major Festival Meetings!

In our review analysis, we also noted their excellent performance betting in the major festival meetings. This was a combination of antepost and normal tips, which whilst only 181 in total, stack up very well indeed with a 195 point profit at 83.2 ROI!

Although the data sample isn’t the biggest, it does go to highlight a potential strong area of expertise.


Smart Betting Club

60 Days Tipster Access For Just £1!

You can read the complete Smart Betting Club 8-page review of this tipster in SBC 98, including details of the free 30-day trial available to all readers.

After the 30-day trial expires, you can also then sign-up to follow them for another month for just £1.

Effectively allowing you to try out this tipster for 60 days for just a quid!

All told, this is a pretty good deal, especially given the outstanding performance witnessed since 2014.

Sign-up to the Smart Betting Club now and download SBC 98 immediately!

P.s. In SBC 98, you can also read our reviews on 3 other profitable tipsters – including 2 available to follow absolutely FREE!

Read the full rundown on SBC 98.