🎧SBC Podcast #65: Flawed Big Name Tipsters, BetMGM’s Value Boosts, Unbelievable ‘Inside Info’ & Using Chasing Steamers

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by SBC’s Josh as the Betting Clever podcast returns to tackle a whole host of important topics in the betting world.

We get into what’s going on with affordability checks, why we don’t think much to the petition about it and the reality of using the black market and its growth. We also touch on the Tony Calvin ‘furore’ and the real issues with free tip columns like his, how to take advantage of Bet MGM’s deep pockets and some of the ongoing work we are doing reporting on tipsters.

One tipster of note, which has already attracted a range of questions due to an 88% ROI headline & claims of using ‘inside information’ is something that we cover in depth. This gives listeners an insight to how we approach new services, what we look out for and how we are collectively quite cynical!

There is much more besides in the podcast linked up below and we have provided some timestamps underneath so that you can skip to different parts of interest.

You can listen to Episode 65 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

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Two Members Of The SBC Chew The Fat

In this episode, Josh and I discuss:

00:00 Intro – The Return of the Betting Clever podcast

01:40 Hellos – Josh going too far after golf wins and our betting routines

04:05 Politics & Betting – Affordability, The fairly hopeless ‘Petition’, The Gambling Commission and favourite dinosaurs

11:56 The Black Market – Growth of unregulated operators and their issues

16:05 Rants – industry big wigs, naïve regulations & useless bureaucrats

19:50 Bet MGM – What are they doing entering the UK market & how we can profit from their boosts

23:42 Early Tipping – Tony Calvin, records, reactions and why these sites release information before markets have formed

29:00 Demetrio Giotti – making money on European basketball with Pinnacle

33:20 Inside Information – Pete & Josh’s cynicism & being pleasantly surprised

39:47 Chasing Steamers – who it’s for, our use of it and caveats

48:45 Headstart Racing – remarkable prices with this new free SBC tipster

This podcast series provides the perfect opportunity to discuss anything that you would like us to look at in the betting world so if you have any suggestions, please contact us through the usual channels and we will look to incorporate listener ideas into our future shows!