🎧Escute Aqui: SBC Goes International! My Interview on the SharpCast Podcast

Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited onto the Brazilian based SharpCast Podcast to discuss all things betting and luckily, my hosts welcomed me in English!

Lucas and Divino are experienced pro punters from Brazil and it was a great chance to talk about the work we do at the Smart Betting Club and the constant quest to beat the bookmaker or exchange!

​You can listen to the full chat here.

We talked about:

  • The SBC, what we do and how the service has evolved over time
  • What we look for in tipsters and how we sort the best from ‘the rest’
  • Advanced metrics, Monte Carlo Simulations and CLV
  • Sports markets and where the profit is in 2023
  • Getting to know your ‘rivals’ – understanding why bookmakers and exchanges are all different
  • Betting successfully and the viability of earning a living from gambling
  • Aggressive marketing, problem gambling and shocking bookmaker behaviour
  • Social media and its drawbacks
  • The regulatory environment in the UK, North America and Brazil; where they are at the moment, current discourse and likely upcoming changes
  • The black market, its growth and how it is a growing threat
  • Networking, making connections and how this can pay dividends
  • Plans for the future

video preview​