⚽️ The In-Play Football Tipster With An Edge From Bet365 & the Betfair Exchange ⚽️

In the latest tipster review from April’s mega betting magazine! (Issue 141) we continued the ‘football focus’ theme with an introduction to the in-play football tipster that boasts an excellent record over nearly 1000 bets.

Easy to follow with both bookmakers and exchanges, our review of this service has proven to be extremely popular indeed with it being the first in-play tipster we have ever recommended to SBC members.

Especially because in-play betting is viewed very favourably by bookmakers – making it a great way to win without attracting quick account restrictions or closures.

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The In-Play Edge

This tipster advises bets in the major in-play markets, concentrating on the 1×2, over/under goal-lines and Asian Handicaps. Their edge comes from the use of data and this marries up perfectly with the experience within their team – the service is run by 4 professional punters!

High liquidity leagues make up a large portion of their action and this is beneficial as bookmakers take lots of bets on these games, especially in-play and there are more layers on the exchanges if you want to take bets there.

As speed is of the essence, they use Telegram to advise each bet to members of their service – which is charged at 40 Euros per month.

The Record

To be as fair as possible, this tipster tracks their bets using Bet365 prices but our review in SBC 141, identified how profitable the service is at various outlets, including the Betfair Exchange:

5.38% ROI to bookmaker prices and a 10.15% ROI on exchanges are reasons enough to be impressed, but there are other less obvious benefits to following these selections in:

  • Bookmakers like these bets. They are associated with ‘recreational’ play and have large in-built margins.
  • There is no Closing Line Value (CLV), making it hard for bookmakers to track how sharp these bets are (Note – they are very sharp!)
  • Any checks from the risk department or a trader are likely to be viewed more favourably with these bets on your ‘ledger’.

For those limited solely to exchanges, our analysis shows that around 50% of bets are available at value prices (minus 2% commission) in markets with deep liquidity. To add to this, we have tried placing bets in-play on heavily restricted accounts and have been pleasantly surprised by the amounts we can get on!

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