When you’re hot, you’re hot – and Racing Intelligence is hot!

Have you ever considered that saying about form being temporary and class permanent, but sometimes wish that form was permanent and therefore the class was never undeniable?  Seriously, the form Racing Intelligence is in, I never want it to end. If only form was permanent…

I’m not even going to mention the winners RI has had this week and which aren’t included in the figures below, but suffice to say we’ve had a series of big wins at fancy odds.  I’ve said all along with Racing Intelligence I find it nigh on impossible to get the advised prices (they do move quick) but I don’t worry as the prices I do get consistently beat Betfair SP – possibly the ‘truest’ odds – and usually by a significant margin.  The nature of the bets means that we’re following ‘shrewd’ money that is already down, so of course the prices are going to move pretty sharpish.

I found this a little tricky to get my head around at first.  Over the years I’ve accepted that following a service with which I can’t get at least very close to the advised prices is probably not one for me, but with Racing Intelligence I’ve made an exception and have no regrets in doing so.  My ambition is to achieve a minimum 10% ROI over time with it, and am well above that level.  And so long as I continue to beat Betfair SP, I’m ok with getting 8/1 on a 10/1 shot, or 3s on a 7/2 pick.

Suffice to say that Racing Intelligence has been by far the stariest of Star Performers for September to date, but good to see Golf Insider hit on another winner over in the States over the weekend, even if at relatively conservative odds of 12/1.

Precision Value continues their winning streak early last week and notched up good figures despite a little pegging back over the weekend.

The woes of Racing Service 1 show little sign of easing with not a return of any sort in sight from seven bets, and Bet Alchemist found things a little tougher than of late too.

Portfolio performance for September (to the 6th)

Bet Alchemist (100 point bank): Staked 8pts, -6.7pts

Racing Service 1 (200): Staked 13pts, -13pts

Golf Insider (400): Staked 15pts, +5.5pts

PGA Profit (500): Staked 8pts, -8pts

Precision Value (200): Staked 26pts, +6.75pts

Racing Intelligence (200): Staked 65pts, +31.241pts

Scottish Football Income Booster (100): n/a

Racing Service 2 (50): n/a

Total for August: ROI 8.52%, ROC 0.8%

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