Racing Intelligence – Special SBC Offer

We are delighted to offer an extra special tie-up with the outstanding Racing Intelligence service – where you can enjoy half-price access to their winning racing tips for 2 months.

With a profitable record to both bookmaker advised prices and Betfair SP (after commission), this service has impressed the SBC team greatly with the quality of advice supplied since 2017.

Based on ‘insider’ advice supplied by a genuine bookmaker spy, you can get signed-up right away via or read on for more on this exciting and unique offer.

Introducing Racing Intelligence

The Racing Intelligence service is based on advice supplied by a genuine bookmaker insider, who since June 2017 has been passing on high-class racing advice for the benefit of the service’s subscribers.

Working as he does for a major UK bookmaker, this grants the Racing Intelligence insider access to the bets as put forward by what are termed in the industry as  ‘account markers’ – punters allowed to put money down on hot horses that are priced up all wrong. Many bookies allow this practice as it works as an ‘early-warning-system’ of sorts and alerts them to horses they need to be cautious over.

It is these same hot horses that the Racing Intelligence insider is passing on and for approaching 2 years now have made a regular and consistent profit at both bookmaker prices and on the exchanges.

To protect his identity, this insider has teamed up with betting expert, Matthew Walton, who manages his service for him – sending out his tips and generally ensuring everything runs smoothly. The insider sends his bets to Matthew via WhatsApp, who then sends them out via both SMS and email to Racing Intelligence subscribers.

Matthew is a familiar name to SBC members through his highly recommended tie-up with another winning tipster – the Golf Insider – a service which has been making regular, profitable headway for several years now.

Here at SBC, we have been proofing the Racing Intelligence bets both via SMS and email since early 2018 and having watched him build up a fine record of performance, it’s clear he has quite the winning edge.

The Racing Intelligence Betting Record

There are several ways you can follow the Racing Intelligence service – the choice of which very much depends on whether you wish to do so using bookmakers or via a betting exchange.

You can also choose to back all RI advice as advised (a mix of win or each way bets) or to simply back them all to win. The latter has a greater profit and ROI figure but does operate to a lower strike-rate and requires a bigger betting bank to cover losing runs.

Here then are the results of all 747 tips advised up to the middle of May 2019 via each of these methods:

1. Bookmaker Results (Win & Each Way)

The simplest and easiest way to follow Racing Intelligence is to place all the bets as advised either to win or each way with the advised bookmakers.

This method has made a 639.11 point profit at 23.38% ROI from the 747 tips advised since June 2017:

2. Betfair SP Results (Win & Place)

For those of you who prefer to bet at Betfair SP – this next table reveals Racing Intelligence performance if backing all tips in the win and place market. It includes a 2% deduction for commission.

This method has made a 336.37 point profit at 12.31% ROI from the 747 tips advised since June 2017:

3. Bookmaker Results (Win Only)

For those of you who prefer to bet win only, in this next table you can see the results from placing all bets win only with the advised bookmakers. It operates to a lower strike-rate but has a greater points profit and ROI figure.

This method has made a 887.95 point profit at 32.48% ROI from the 747 tips advised since June 2017:

4. Betfair SP Results (Win Only)

Finally, for those of you who prefer to bet at Betfair SP – this next table lists the Racing Intelligence performance if backing all tips in the win market only here. It includes a 2% deduction for commission.

This method has made a 523.13 point profit at 19.13% ROI from the 747 tips advised since June 2017:

Those of you who would like to see a breakdown of results for each of the 4 methods, are welcome to request them via email (please send this to

Profitable With Both Bookmakers & Exchanges

One of the most appealing aspects of the Racing Intelligence service is that it shows both a profit using bookmakers or on betting exchanges.

The choice of whether to follow with either via the advised bookmakers or on the betting exchanges is very much a personal decision, which does depend on your betting circumstances and who you can bet with.

Firstly in terms of bookmakers, all Racing Intelligence tips by their nature are ‘shrewd bets’ so there is always an element of support for these bets – after all it is why they are being advised by the RI insider in the first place.

That being said, all bets are advised at fair and achievable odds at the time of supply – based on those bookmakers offering them as taken from the Oddschecker website.

A large proportion of bets are advised to be backed ‘Generally’ – which means around half a dozen different firms are offering the current odds, with other bets sometimes available with usually 2-3 bookmaker firms at the time of advice.

For those of you interested in following Racing Intelligence on the betting exchanges – you will note they do make a strong profit and ROI at Betfair SP after commission. This profit figure is roughly half the figure as made if backing directly with bookmakers, but it does highlight a feasible option for those of you limited to betting on the exchanges.

Should you wish to follow Racing Intelligence on the exchanges, we would highly recommend doing so in the pre-race market, where greater odds can often be found than if simply taking Betfair SP. This also allows you to place your bets on Betting Exchanges that offer lower commission rates than on Betfair.

Discover more and sign-up now for Racing Intelligence.


Service Nuts & Bolts

Here is how the service works:

Bet Notifications Via Email & SMS: As a subscriber to Racing Intelligence you will get all bet notifications sent both via email and SMS

Bet Timing: Due to the nature of the service, bets are advised at any point between 9am and 12 midday.  As soon as the Racing Intelligence insider supplies a bet to Matthew, he then shares it with you as a subscriber via SMS and email.

Number of Bets: The service averages around 40 to 50 bets in a current average month. Sometimes more, sometimes less – it all depends on the quantity of value betting opportunities.

Staking: All bets are advised between 1 and 10 points as part of a clear staking plan. Most bets are staked between 3 and 5 points total.

Average Odds: Bets can vary in price from the occasional shorter selection to those at double figure odds. The average odds over the lifetime of the service come in at just over 5/1.

Betting Banks: The size of your betting bank depends to a certain extent as to whether you are backing the tips win and each way as advised or as straight win bets.

If following the advised mix of each way/win bets, then we would suggest a betting bank of 175 points (riskier) to 235 (safer).

If following win only, then we we would suggest a betting bank of 275 (riskier) and 350 (safer).

Personal Contact: As a member you will also get Matthew’s personal email and mobile phone number to help answer any queries you may have on the service. Ensuring you are never left to fend for yourself!


Exclusive Half-Price Offer For Your First 2 Months

Duly impressed by the quality of advice and the profits being made by Racing Intelligence, I have negotiated a special deal for those of you keen to sample the service at a discount.

Through this deal, not only will you get your first month with the service for half-price but also your second month too.

After these first 2 months elapse, you will be charged at full price but hopefully by this point you will like what you see!

PLUS A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can also join Racing Intelligence with the peace of mind of knowing that you have a 30-day anytime Money Back Guarantee.

This states that if at any point during your first 30 days with the service, you would like a refund, then simply email Matthew who will gladly cancel your membership and send your subscription fee back to you – no questions asked.