A tweak to the portfolio.

Apologies for the recent break in the Bet Diary posts.  Sadly, a member of the family passed away and to be completely honest with you, betting was put to one side.  I’ve not actually had a bet for the most part of September so the ‘Monthly Review’ is essentially the figures you see on the last blog post.

Anyway, after a break away from it all I’m now ‘back at my desk’ as it were, and daily life is returning to normal. Well, as normal as life can be with a pandemic going on and all that brings.

Things have been happening at Racing Service 2 in my absence.  Things that have a big impact on my portfolio because I’m afraid to say, I can’t justify continuing to follow.

On Monday, RS2 drew members’ attention to an announcement they had made on their site.  I guessed before I clicked through that something was up.  Let’s face it, performance levels have deteriorated significantly over the course of the last year, which is something that can happen to the very best of course.  Almost every tipping service that has lasted for any significant length of time has gone through spells of underperformance.  As Omar from The Wire might have said, it’s all in the game, yo.  And that’s why I had stayed in the game with RS2, accepting that the long term track record was strong and that provided things stayed as they were in terms of their methodology, I’d give them more time to pick things up again and get back to how they had been.

This is why when a few weeks ago, when RS2 told members they had tinkered a little bit with their selection criteria around the ratings they use for each race they analyze, I heard just the first faint tinkle of an alarm bell ringing.  I think I said as much in these pages.  That alarm bell started to ring more loudly when I saw Monday’s statement headlined with, “Try Something New”.

Admirably, RS2 did not try to hide their recent poor results.  Whilst placing them in the context of a number of years’ strong performance, they stated that they needed to “evolve”, which again is a fair enough statement.  I’m sure all tipsters with longevity acknowledge that markets change and adapt over time, and that therefore it is an ongoing quest to protect the edge they have and that process of protection may involve tweaking things here and there.  What followed from RS2 in terms of their plans however, struck me as being much less a process of evolution and more a let’s try something completely different.

The main RS2 team leader is taking a break – which he is fully entitled to do – and will remain in the business, but in the meantime, after discussions with a number of tipsters, they are pleased to announce that a new guy had signed a contract and will be providing tips from 1st October.  His results are posted on the website and make for very impressive reading.  Which is great…and to be 100% crystal clear, I have absolutely no doubt that RS2 are being open and honest in their claims.

But, there is a big ‘But’.  I followed Racing Service 2 because of all the due diligence and analysis put in by the SBC.  I had a long term track record to study.  I knew the style of betting would suit me, etc.  Now, I’d be following a chap I know nothing about, who the SBC have not analyzed, and have not passed as being strongly recommended.  This may come. I sincerely hope that the new RS2 tipster hits his straps, produces some wonderful profit and brings the service back into the top bracket of horse racing tipsters.  But I’m afraid if that is to happen, it will be without my money following him whilst he does it.  In the mean time, I need to give some thought to what will replace RS2 in the portfolio.


Right, I’m back betting today, so next week we’ll have an update on the week’s goings on.  See you then.

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