Profits continue to build, so Happy Christmas!

Next week I’m away down to Devon for the family’s traditional Christmas holiday.  There have been times over the past months when I’ve wondered if it’s going to be possible, but I live in a Tier 2, Devon is Tier 2, and we’re keeping within our normal family bubble so it all looks like it should be ok.

The only issue is going to be fighting putting on even more Christmas “padding”, as it looks as if I’m going to eat even more than the usual seasonal excess.  If you can’t go into a pub for a pint without eating a “substantial meal”, heaven help me!  What’s worse is my eldest has recently turned 18, so no doubt the call of the local with it’s real local ale, roaring fire and old oak beams will be more alluring than ever.  Oh well, after the year we’ve all had, if we can’t treat ourselves a little this Christmas, when can we?

Generally speaking I tend not to bet too much over the holiday period.  Racing closes down for a couple of days before Christmas anyway, and getting a proper break from it all is something I find very refreshing.  No doubt I’ll be following Racing Service 1 in on Boxing Day.  It wouldn’t feel like Boxing Day if I didn’t and getting the bets on takes no more than a couple of minutes, but other than that I’ll have a rest and take the opportunity to recharge the old batteries.

Last week showed another overall profit, and the ROI for the month to date remains around a healthy 11-12%, although there were no fireworks similar to those we saw from RS1 the previous weekend.  Precision Value fared the best, bringing in consistent profit through the week.

Other than that and it was all a little mundane.  Good to see Racing Intelligence hit a winner and surely it’s only a matter of time before negative variance slams into reverse and we see a return to the good times  One thing is for sure, this is a service that can win points at a rapid rate when in form so it might not take too long to claw back the losses from this current drawdown.

A nod to Scottish Football Income Booster, who enjoyed another decent weekend.  It really is beginning to find some consistency over the past two or three weeks and hopefully this signals a sustained period of good form.  It must have been a really difficult year for footie tipsters.  Impossible to accurately assess the impact on form that having no crowd, an overly busy fixture list (which is just about to get crazy-buzy) leading to increased muscle injures to the players, the refereeing body changing the handball rule that saw an unprecedented number of penalties being awarded post-lockdown (some of which were, to any sane person, worse than ridiculous) and the incessant nonsense of VAR and the impact that has….blimey, that’s a lot of variables to try to get your head around when looking for value in the markets! Gives me a headache just thinking about it.

So, all that remains for me to say for now, is have a wonderful Christmas.  Stay healthy, and here’s to a much better 2021 for everyone.  It’s been a heck of a year.

Portfolio performance for December (to 13th)

Bet Alchemist (100 point bank): Staked 22pts, -6.975pts

Golf Insider (400): Staked 29pts, +2.75pts

Northern Monkey (100): Staked 14pts, -5.875pts.

PGA Profit (500): Staked 25.5pts, -13.77pts

Precision Value (200): Staked 46pts, +11.838pts

Racing Intelligence (200): Staked 25pts, -5.95pts

Scottish Football Income Booster (100): Staked 22pts, +6.909pts

Racing Service 1 (50): Staked 6.5pts, +9.75pts.

Total for December: ROI 11.75%, ROC 2%


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