Happy New Year!

The title says it all.  I really hope you have had a bit of a break over the holiday period and were able to chill a little and take a breather from what feels like incessant bad news.

I have to admit, down in Devon I almost forgot about Covid for a week.  Sure, it wasn’t quite the same in a couple of the pubs, with tables being spread far and wide for social distancing and in one, sheets of plastic between tables too.  But all in all, by the sea and away from it all, it was pretty easy to make something of a mental shift.  It made me realise just how all-pervading concerns and anxieties connected to the pandemic had become ingrained in day to day life.  The health of family and friends, concerns over kids’ education, worries over job security…to so many I reckon these have become such a part of every day living that it’s almost as if you lose awareness of the strain it all puts on mental health.  A week away – and I know how lucky I was to be able to do that with what has happened here in the UK since – just allowed that pressure that had built up to be released.  And that includes around betting, too.  A week out allows you to take stock and plan ahead, and that, I feel, is something that is very easy to miss doing when involved in the day to day.

Yep, I reckon just taking a week out from time to time (when possible) is such an important aspect to betting successfully.  I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but seriously, just taking some time to switch off from as much as possible is incredibly therapeutic.  I’ve not struck a bet since I posted the last BD post, just prior to Christmas.  As a result, I’m now really eager to get going again, and am looking forward to what comes next.

On that note, there are going to be some changes.  I’m still just mulling these over, but by next week I’ll be clear and will reveal all.  It feels I’m ready to freshen things up, and I’m going to go with that particular flow.  Early thoughts are that I’m going to split the portfolio up into three categories – ‘Racing’, ‘Golf’, and ‘Football/Sports’.  I’ll report on each weekly, but maybe on different days, and although I’ll still post a monthly review we’ll track the figures continually with an ongoing ‘Year to Date’ performance recorded.  We’ll be able to compare each mini-portfolio, explore the challenges we come across and the solutions we find.  Should be fun.

Until then, please stay safe and healthy.  Without going all political (this isn’t the place), the one thing I do agree 100% with the government on is that Hands-Face-Space mantra.  Let’s look after each other by doing what we need to be doing, folks, and get through this nonsense.

See you next week.

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