Stuttering into August

So July was poor.  Has August brought about an improvement?

Not really, no.  No big losses and the first week and a bit has essentially broken even, but with only two of the seven tipsters turning a profit I think it’s fair to say that portfolio performance as a whole is still stuttering somewhat.  It’s as if my betting is still trying to shake off the effects of lockdown and still has some cobwebs to brush away.  I was hopeful that August, often seen as being a time for consistent going across the nation’s racecourses and therefore more consistent performance for racing experts, would get off to a bang to make up for July’s disappointments, but we’re still waiting for that explosion to happen.

There were signs at the back end of last month that Bet Alchemist were beginning to turn things around and so it proved, with a particularly good Sunday last (three winners from three at odds of 7/1, 11/2 and 11/2).  Substantial profit there, which pleasingly after their ongoing travails, has been backed up by Racing Service 1.  Let’s hope the latter can really kick on now after finding a couple of decent winners.

It was the first post-lockdown Golf Classic last week over in the US, but alas no winner.  Golf Insider has picked up a few placed returns over the past couple of tournaments to find itself more or less coming out level, but PGA Profit is still finding winning bets fairly hard to come by.  Patience required as ever, when it comes to golf betting.

The return of the Scottish Premiership football has seen Scottish Football Income Booster looking to get going again, although one tip saw the relevant match postponed when Aberdeen players apparently saw fit to go down the boozer and subsequently saw a number of their players test positive.  Makes a bit of a difference for a “non-runner” bet than the ground being too soft!  Perhaps it’s more a case of some brains being too soft!

And finally not much to report by way of progress at the moment from Racing Intelligence.  A winner or two, some losers…just waiting for that explosion I was talking about.

Portfolio performance for August (to the 10th)

Bet Alchemist (100 point bank): Staked 14pts, +14.737pts

Racing Service 1 (200): Staked 17pts, +14.85pts

Golf Insider (400): Staked 26pts, -1.042pts

PGA Profit (500): Staked 93pts, -39.26pts

Precision Value (200): Staked 23pts, -6.5pts

Racing Intelligence (200): Staked 83pts, -8.685pts

Scottish Football Income Booster (100): Staked 7pts, -7pts.

Racing Service 2 (50): n/a

Total for August: ROI -0.5%, ROC -0.07%

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