Twiddling my thumbs.

I have little to no time for international football until the actual competitions roll around.  I’ll stay up late to watch World Cup Final matches with the best of them, and in the days when I worked in an office, I’d rush home to catch the second half of afternoon European Championship games.  But qualifying matches and what seem like interminable friendlies do my head in.

This international break from domestic football is worse than any of the others.  The league has just started to gather momentum, some narratives just getting going, and exciting matches being enjoyed and then suddenly we’re thrown into a two week, deadly dull hiatus whilst trying to get excited about a match against the ‘Auld Enemy’ next week.  I remember as a kid England used to play in a televised series of games in what was called the British Championships.  Back then though, when there wasn’t non-stop live football on telly, the novelty of being able to tune in made for exciting viewing.  Or at least an interest in the games.  But now? Nah, not so much.

The knock on effect too, is days with very little to bet on.  Today, Monday, isn’t exactly overrun by enthralling racing.  There’s little by way of football in the evening.  It’s boring.  I’m a little envious of those who follow tennis tipsters – at least the US Open might lead to something other than the mundane.

On a brighter note, at least the NFL resumes with the start of a new season this weekend coming.  Looking forward to it.

Tune in on Wednesday for a results update.

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