In the blink of an eye.

We all know that betting can be a tough game at times, and we all know why.  Anyone who has done so for any meaningful length of time will be able to tell stories of ridiculously bad luck, extended and draining drawdowns, whatever.  You get the picture.

The issue I find hardest to deal with psychologically is when a service puts together a decent level of profit, but as is the way of these things, does so over a fair period of time.  I’m not talking years here, more a few weeks (so no time at all really, not in the grand scheme of things).  And then in a blink of an eye, a bad week or few days hits and you see most of that profit ebb away in front of your eyes.  It’s normal, and it happens all the time, but I don’t like it.  Not really because I worry about making those losses back up and going on to hit new highs, but because it must be tough on the tipster in particular.  When someone clearly puts a huge amount of effort into doing something, anything, you want them to do well.

So I felt a bit for Allan at Sys Analyst last week.  After a period of good profit, the York Ebor meeting was challenging, to say the least, and subsequently a fair chunk of the profit I’d made since starting to follow was given back.  Now let me be clear, Allan really doesn’t need sympathy from me.  He’s an ultra-experienced, ultra-professional betting expert whose service has proved itself many, many times over across many, many years.  I doubt he’ll have even raised an eyebrow at the results last week.  And to be honest, nor did I.  But I just can’t get over this psychological hurdle of “feeling” for someone who has a bad week.  If I can’t get rid of this ridiculousness by now, I’m not sure I ever will.

Elsewhere, and every other service/strategy either made a little bit of profit, or a small loss.  A pretty unremarkable week.  Nice to see AI Football get off to a decent start for me though, and from an initial £1k bank assigned and a starting stake of £25 per bet (I did say I’d start small and see how we can build), I’m now up to £26 per bet.  Every journey starts with a single step and all that.

Here are the figures…

AI Football: Staked 16pts, +1.865pts, roi 11.65%, High: 1.865pts, DD: 0pts, Max DD: 0pts.

Any Time Goal Scorer (Bookie Bashing):  Staked 24pts, +7.845pts, roi 32.68%, High: 7.845pts, DD: 0pts, Max DD: 0pts.

Bookie Bashing Football Coupons: Staked 31pts, +10.924pts, roi 35.23%, High: 14.03pts, DD: -3.106pts, Max DD: -8.692pts.

Bookie Bashing Golf Tracker/Weekly Golf Value: Staked 4,286pts, -134.89pts, roi -3.14%, High: 135.39pts, DD: -297.28pts, Max DD: -596.38pts

Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker (Lucky 15s): Staked 322pts, +44.673pts, roi 13.87%, High: 48.257pts, DD: -3.584pts, Max DD: -16.801pts.

Bookie Bashing Value Bets Tracker: Staked 72.4pts, +17.944pts, roi 24.78%, High: 17.944pts, DD: 0pts, Max DD: -4.506pts.

DD/HH: Staked 77.55pts, -4.9pts, roi -6.31%, High: 3.05pts, DD: -7.95pts, Max DD: -20.15pts.

Edwards Tips (Golf): Staked 94.85pts, +24.028pts, roi 25.33%, High: 24.028pts, DD: 0pts, Max DD: -5.235pts.

NFL strategy:

PGA Profit: Staked 288.5pts, +57.836pts, roi 20.04%, High: 84.858pts, DD: -27.022pts, Max DD: -97.076pts.

Sys Analyst: Staked 352.5pts, +16.921pts, roi 4.8%, High: 62.535pts, DD: -45.614pts, Max DD: -45.614pts.

Touchdown Profit:

TOTAL ROI: 12.43%



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