Artificial Intelligence

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is already, and will be more and more in the future, having an impact on our lives.  Scarily so, if you ask me.  Just like how robotic machinery replaced workers in factories, so I can imagine only too easily that AI could have a similar impact.  I do wonder how different our lives will be in, say, 15 years time as a result of AI.

But, there is also clearly an upside and advantages that AI can bring, and I don’t mean marvelling at how ChatGPT works!  If AI can bring an upside to my betting for example, then in that context I’m all for it!

AI Football recently became an SBC Premium service, and I was impressed by what I read about it.  What struck me was here was a high strike rate service, providing regular bets, that was ideal for growing a betting bank with.  The reinvestment strategy – ploughing back profits into the bank to allow stake size to grow – outlined intrigued me.  Obviously this is a strategy that works with every service that has an established edge, but the speed of growth with AI Football over the past 12 months was outstanding.

So I’ve decided to try it myself, starting with a small bank.  I thought this could be of interest to Bet Diary readers and will hopefully demonstrate in real time how it’s possible to elevate profitability safely and securely.

The first week has been a “getting to know you” exercise, and I’ll run through my thoughts next week.  But for the first week’s results, tune in on Wednesday…

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