SPORTS: Struggles.

Not a great week for the sports tipsters with all three services producing a loss.  Not big ones, but for both The Poacher and Touchdown Profit, the results mean that new low points for the year to date have been reached in terms of drawdown.  In terms of cash lost, neither deficit is particularly serious as you will see from the ROC figures posted below, but nevertheless it’s disappointing.

To be fair to Touchdown Profit the season is only six game weeks in and so there is plenty of time for things to turn around.  As for The Poacher, well, patience is being tested, I think it’s fair to say.  I have no doubt whatsoever that both tipsters are working hard to get back on a winning track.

As for On The Oche, just a small loss and their figures for the ytd are good.  So it’s not all doom and gloom, but right now, the Sports portfolio is struggling.

Let’s see what next week brings.

On The Oche (30pt bank): Staked 73pts, +10.905pts, roi 14.93%, roc 36.35%, High 11.415pts, DD -0.51pts, Max DD -2.27pts

The Poacher (40): Staked 229pts, -0.848pts, roi -0.37%, roc -2.12%, High 7.407pts, DD -8.311pts, Max DD -8.311pts

Touchdown Profit (50): Staked 33pts, -1.32pts, roi -4%, roc -2.64%, High 2.87pts, DD -4.19pts, Max DD -4.19pts

Sports Totals: ROI 3.18%, ROC 9.06%.

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