RACING: Northern Monkey hits form!

Only one place to start this week and that is with a great week for Northern Monkey, who found a number of winners and a few winning multiple bets that wracked up over 17 points of profit.  I still get the feeling Wayne is ruing a number of near misses that would have landed a monster number of points profit, but it does feel like things are turning.  Let’s hope so.

The Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker keeps nudging the high water mark ever upwards, although “just” the 3 points profit this week.  Came rather close to another bumper pay out but the final horse of the Lucky 15 finishing 3rd instead of third meant the return was healthy, but the cork remained in the champagne bottle.

A very quiet week for Bet Achemist with nothing really to report.

Bet Alchemist (100pt bank): Staked 214pts, +1.785pts, roi 0.83%, roc 1.78%, High 3.73pts, DD -1.95pts, Max DD -24.338pts

Northern Monkey (80): Staked 416.125pts, -33.833pts, roi -8.12%, roc -42.29%, High 0pts, DD -33.833pts, Max DD -58.589pts

The Value Bettor (40): Staked 9.75pts, +1.46pts, roi 14.97%, roc 3.65%, High 2.71pts, DD -1.25pts, Max DD -2pts

BB Racing Tracker (100): Staked 477pts, +567.566pts, roi 118.98%, roc 567.56%, High 567.566pts, DD 0pts, Max DD -13.388pts

Racing Totals: ROI 52.9%, ROC 168.25%

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