GOLF: Valuable thinking time.

I was on holiday last week.  Down to the South Devon coast (again).  A ‘happy place’ for my wife and I.

To be honest, it was wonderful.  Better than many a holiday I’ve been on over recent years.  The Indian Summer weather meant loads of fresh air, wearing T-shirt and shorts, basking in warm sunshine.  Too much good food, good wine, good company, and post-lunch ‘siestas’ and long nights of good sleep, mean I return to duty fully refreshed and raring to go.  I’ve said it before, but the daily grind of betting in a serious manner – ie. to make a profit as opposed to throwing money away via recreational punting – can and does become attritional.  To get away from it for a while, to take a complete break from betting, is something I strongly recommend doing. And anyway, what’s nicer feeling is there to buy a more expensive bottle of wine than you might ordinarily buy, or treat your loved ones to a meal out that is above the usual fare and which carries a bigger bill to boot, with your winnings from your betting?

Taking time out also allows time to ruminate.  To think things through, to make plans for the future even if only contingency.  I lost another two bookmaker accounts in the week prior to my holiday, and this means I am beginning to run out of online bookmaking options.  It was good to be able to plot a way forward, and to think through how I might adapt my betting approach to circumnavigate the issue.

The impact on my golf betting is that I am going to look to do more of it in shops, using cash.  Probably on Tuesday evenings.  I’ll have the Golf Insider and PGA Profit tips by then (mostly).  It is likely too, to mean that I start to use the Bookie Bashing Golf Tracker more for myself too, as opposed to following blindly the Weekly Golf Value bets.  Listening to Tom on the Bashcast, this places me at no disadvantage at all, and in fact there are positives to be found in that I’m not restricted to the selections at the books WGV use.  As with any new approach, even if only involving a slight deviation from usual methods, there’s a slight ‘feeling my way’ stage to get through, but I doubt that will last too long.

More tomorrow…

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