SPORTS: Playing to strengths.

It was a small losing week overall for the Sports services, but darting expert Sports Service 1 had a very good week, picking up another couple of points profit from the three picks I was able to support.  Last week I wrote about how the way in which the bookmakers had really sharpened up their act when it comes to pricing up darts markets had made the darting betting landscape a much tougher one to survive in, never mind eke out a consistent profit.  It’s noticeable however that SS1 is now giving more tips in the much less glamorous Euro Tour events which don’t have the same fanfare and publicity that the big championship events receive from Sky.  Does this mean that the prices aren’t quite given as much attention by the trading teams, thus allowing an expert like SS1 to exploit opportunities?  There’s no definitive answer to that, but I can see a logic, and thus far we’re being rewarded by good, winning bets.

A first for me too as Touchdown Profit offered up two picks in the NFL Draft markets.  Can’t say I watched any of the draft.  I may enjoy watching games of a Sunday evening through the season, but that’s as far as I go when it comes to the sport.  Looking forward to the new season though.

Finally, not such a good week for The Poacher.  I’ve not dared look to see if the Saturday picks I couldn’t back might have made a difference.

Sports Service 1 (30pt bank): Staked 34.5pts, +5.77pts, roi 16.72%, roc 19.23%, High 5.77pts, DD 0pts, Max DD -1.9pts

The Poacher (40): Staked 127.5pts, +1.165pts, roi 0.91%, roc 2.91%, High 6.606pts, DD -5.441pts, Max DD -5.441pts

Touchdown Profit (50)(£40): Staked 11pts, +0.39pts, roi 3.54%, roc 0.78%, High 0.66pts, DD -0.27pts, Max DD -4pts

Sports Totals: ROI 4.72%, ROC 7%.

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