Bet Diary Annual Report

Want to know how a betting professional makes his living by following some of the best recommended SBC tipsters? Then read this free Bet Diary report

It reveals exactly how much SBC writer and professional bettor Rowan Day did with his betting portfolio between May 2021 and April 2022.

And it’s good news…it was another profitable period for him – his 7th year on the bounce and continues his profitable betting angle using tipsters.

Alongside details on the tipsters he follows, the report covers some important points that will help you with your own profitable betting.


  • Some of the key metrics Rowan uses to track his portfolio.
  • Exactly how much would have been made at various betting bank sizes.
  • How Rowan spotted potential danger signs with one service leading him to conclude it was time to stop following service. This was not just due to losses!
  • How betting stacks up against other traditional investments. Spoiler alert – very well is the answer!

Download the Bet Diary Profit Report

To download the free report, either click this link or the image below and you can access the full PDF file