A ‘Master’ performance by Golf Betting Club!

Golf Betting Club’s fine 60/1 win on Sunday got me thinking about the psychology in play in top level sport.  Don’t get me wrong, I reckon to be a top pro in any sport takes a great deal of mental fortitude, but to my mind, golf is a sport that really examines the mental toughness of those who compete at the highest level.

Akhsay Bhatia was GBC’s winner, and to be honest, looked almost a cert for victory from Day 1, finishing the first round shots in front of second place.  That lead was more or less maintained through Rounds two and three, and even halfway through the final round was clear of second placed Denny McCarthy.  But in a glorious run, McCarthy managed eight (EIGHT) birdies from the closing nine holes, forcing poor old Bhatia into a play off for a tournament victory that he must surely thought was his.

Put yourself in the shoes of Bhatia.  How would you react?  You’d have to be disappointed, to say the least.  Down, wondering what you’d done to deserve such a thing, demoralized.  I didn’t watch as had gone to bed, but for Bhatia to then emerge the winner of the play off, in those circumstances, when all momentum had been with his opponent…well, I take my hat off.  Chapeau, Mr. Bhatia!

What all this means is that Golf Betting Club is showing some red hot form going into this week’s Masters, and has contributed massively to what has been a rather splendid start to the new month.

The Bookie Bashing Early Pay Out Tracker is really firing at present, with three or four notable winning Lucky 15s last week which resulted in 22% bank growth across just the seven days.  There were a number of teams that ultimately lost their match but because they had gone two goals up they counted as a winner.  I hadn’t had that happen at all for a while, and it was this happening that meant I could properly cash in.  Who knows how long I’m going to be able to carry this strategy on for, but at the moment it’s very much about making hay whilst the sun has been shining.

I’m going to write a separate post about the “Value Bets”, as I’ve added a couple of approaches, using the Bookie Bashing Bet Tracker but also other methods of using their tools to find my own bets.  In that post I’ll provide a breakdown of what those methods are, but suffice to say last week produced an exceptional 96% ROI and over 10% bank growth from just a handful of bets.  Those figures aren’t the norm of course (I wish!), but nice to see things going so well there.

Sys Analyst also had a fine week with a 50% ROI and just shy of 10% bank growth, despite my missing a winner due to not having the price I wanted matched on the Exchange.  I tend to leave these bets until the last five minutes before off time as much as I can, and this is going to happen at times.  But, losers are avoided too for the same reason, so I’m not complaining.

Figures for April 2024 to date…

DD/HH Strategy: Staked 160pts, -160pts, roi -100%, High: 0pts, DD: -160pts, Max DD: -160pts

Bookie Bashing Early Price Tracker (Lucky 15s): Staked 570pts, +336.83pts, roi 59.09%, High: 336.83pts, DD: -0pts, Max DD: -0pts

Golf Betting Club: Staked 89pts, +299pts, roi 335.95%, High: 299pts, DD: -0pts, Max DD: -0pts

Weekly Golf Value: Staked 170pts, -6.66pts, roi -3.91%, High: 0pts, DD: -6.66pts, Max DD: -6.66pts

Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker (Lucky 15s): Staked 405pts, -82.08pts, roi -20.26%, High: 0pts, DD: -82.08pts, Max DD: -82.08pts

Sys Analyst. Staked 275pts, +140.19pts, roi 50.97%, High: 140.19pts, DD: -0pts, Max DD: -0pts

Value Bets: Staked 167.5pts, +161.18pts, roi 96.22%, High: 161.18pts, DD: -0pts, Max DD: -0pts

TOTAL ROI: 63.85%



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