RACING: Bookiebashing Race Tracker proving to be a real leader!

We hear a lot in football about teams having or not having leaders.  Obviously the skipper should be “a leader”, but we hear how other players in successful teams lead from the front, set the example, and drag their teams up when they’re struggling.

Well, the Bookiebashing Racing Tracker is playing that leadership role for the racing portfolio which is otherwise struggling.  Last week we had a Lucky 15 bet that didn’t include a winner, but did boast four placed horses at 25/1, 14/1, 9/1 and 6/1).  That bet netted a good profit and although a few points were given back towards the end of the week, it ensured another really good week both as an individual service and for the racing services across the board.

That total profit was made despite Bet Alchemist (a couple of points dropped) and Northern Monkey (a couple of points made) essentially cancelling each other out.  The latter is simmering.  I can feel it, and I’m just hoping that soon enough it is going to explode.  Wayne is certainly capable of it, and we’re getting to his strongest time of year.  Let’s see what next week brings.

Bet Alchemist (100pt bank): Staked 87pts, -7.617pts, roi -8.75%, roc -7.61%, High 0pts, DD -7.61pts, Max DD -24.338pts

Northern Monkey (80): Staked 138.75pts, -29.447pts, roi -21.22%, roc -36.8%, High 0pts, DD -29.447pts, Max DD 37.618pts

Racing Service 1 (40): Staked 9.75pts, +1.46pts, roi 14.97%, roc 3.65%, High 2.71pts, DD -1.25pts, Max DD -2pts

BB Racing Tracker (100): Staked 124pts, +138.878pts, roi 111.99%, roc 138.87%, High 138.878pts, DD 0pts, Max DD -13.388pts

Racing Totals: ROI 30.19%, ROC 33.19%

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