SPORTS: Come in NFL!

You know what.  I quite enjoy watching American Football.  I’m no expert.  I only just have a grasp on the basics, and certainly don’t have any appreciation of the subtleties of the game.  And the constant adverts can do my head in at times but tbh that really only reaches an unbearable level during the Superbowl, and that’s always on too late for me anyway!

So, I’m really looking forward getting behind Touchdown Profit as it enters the Sports portfolio for 2022.

This is really a case of backing the tipster and accepting that I need to keep control of my betting workload as I seek to ramp up the golf betting.  The NFL season runs from autumn to early February so there will be no bets through the summer months.  And having “trialled” the service for a few weeks before Christmas, I can see that getting on is a quick, pain free process.  Most importantly however, it’s run by the same Matt who runs the PGA Profit service (and European Profit as the DP World Tour picks are now labelled).  I know he’s professional, diligent, and clearly works hard at the edges he has created over the bookmaker.  Like I say, I see this as investing in him, as much as anything.

The other thing to mention here is that Touchdown Profit is currently free to follow via the SBC.  I’m not sure how long that will remain the case, but if you’re looking for a tipster that you can follow with no initial outlay, this could be the one.

Sadly I am saying adieu to Scottish Football Income Booster.  Last year was a poor one, and although I’m not suggesting for one moment that that means the service can’t bounce back this year (and I sincerely hope it does), I’ve reached the decision to draw a line.  I could very, very easily be wrong, but I do wonder the extent to which the effect of Covid is having on the game, especially on clubs with smaller squads than the Premier League giants.  It’s a variable which I think a football tipster is likely to have been, and will continue to be, tremendously challenged by.  And in that sense, it just makes sense for me to taking a watching brief for now.

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