GOLF: Excited by golf – growing the portfolio for 2022!

Happy New Year everyone!

Just a short post today.

With no tournaments taking place over the last week or so of 2021, there’s nothing to add from the last ‘Golf’ Bet Diary post and of course the figures remain unaltered.  Looking back, a 22% ROI for the year is something I have to be very pleased about.

Something that has occurred to me is that the ease of getting on, the ability to utilize the Exchanges, and the relative lack of workload means I want to expand the number of golf tipsters I follow this year.  With the SBC’s Golf Betting Guide 2022 released today – something I was very fortunate to be able to contribute to – I’m just in the process of deciding which those services will be.

As last year, Golf Insider, PGA Profit (both US and European tips), and Weekly Golf Value will remain.  I know I lost money following Golf Insider last year, but there were strong signs of a recovery before the season ended and I retain faith.

Adding a couple of extra golfing experts will mean that I will need to drop a couple of other tipsters because as always, time is limited.  I need to keep a tight rein on just how much time I dedicate to betting.  I’m sure I’m not alone in this with work and family commitments, etc.

Tune in this time next week then, and all will be revealed.  Got to be honest, I’m genuinely excited by golf betting this year.  Bring it on!

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