RACING: A game of two halves.

I followed four horse racing services in 2021.  Two of them – Bet Alchemist and Northern Monkey – produced a great profit for me, particularly the latter.  The other two – Racing Service 1 and Precision Value – did not.  In fact over the period January to December, RS1 actually ended up in the red.  The profit for Precision Value was minimal.

Being completely honest, I retain full faith in all of the services.  I know how good RS1 is at reading form and at reading between the form lines.  He is the master of his art and suffers from a tipping point of view from a relative lack of turnover.  Compared to many (most) racing services, RS1 bet numbers are low and consequently more susceptible to variance.

Precision Value too comes from a very, very well respected source (quite rightly so) whose methods have been proven to be successful over many years.  I genuinely have no doubt that the good times will return. The source of the PV bets is flawless.

But as you may have read yesterday, by ramping up my golf betting (by two services) then I need to lose two to counter the workload/time commitment.  And because of that, I’m very reluctantly going to let Precision Value go this year.  I hate doing it, I really do.

So just the three racing tipsters being followed this year, to add to the three sports and six golf.

Early results in next week’s posts.

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