New Year’s Resolutions – Part 2

New Year’s resolutions?

“What on earth have you been smoking?!?”, I can hear you cry, possibly with the odd expletive placed with emphasis somewhere within the question.

Ah, well, you see.  My betting New Year starts on the 1st April.  Nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that a lot of companies file their annual accounts at this point with their financial year running from April to the end of March.  I wouldn’t be that pretentious.  Nope, it’s just that going back a bit now, it happened to be 1st April when I started betting in something approaching a serious manner and recording how I was doing, simple as that.

Of course one thing I’ve learnt over the years is that neatly segmenting your betting into set time intervals is a bit of a fool’s errand.  There’s no logic to it.  But in the interests of neatness – and reporting – it what we tend to do (and it does make writing a blog a bit easier too!).

Coincidentally, and this is something I’ve mentioned in more than one recent Bet Diary Post, but it’s only really now I’ve felt settled in my approach, what I’m betting on, how, etc…since Christmas when I took a week off.  And by ‘eck it’s not half made a difference (in a positive way) to mindset.  I’ve said it before and I’m about to say it again…I find handling drawdowns and the drifting along in the doldrums periods much easier if I know I have a settled strategy.  I know that if I do, I just need to keep doing what I’m doing and history tells me the darker times will end and the light shine once again.  How poetic!

Aims and ambitions?  Going for it this year – double the bank.  More ambitious than usual but that reflects the nature of betting I’ve transitioned towards, so let’s see.

So, for the first time this year (ha!), here are the figures…

Betting 2023-24

DD/HH: Staked 8.6pts, -8.6pts, roi -100%, High: 0pts, DD: -8.6pts, Max DD: -8.6pts.

Edwards Tips (Golf Outrights): Staked 1.3pts, +3.65pts, roi 280.76%, High: 3.65pts, DD: 0pts, Max DD: 0pts.

Football Coupons: Staked 3pts, +4.445pts, roi 148.17%, High: 4.445pts, DD: 0pts, Max DD: 0pts.

Golf: Staked 246pts, -59.27pts, roi -24.09%, High: 0pts, DD: -59.27pts, Max DD: -59.27pts.

Lucky 15s: Staked 13pts, +11.937pts, roi 91.82%, High: 12.554pts, DD: -0.616pts, Max DD: -0.616pts.


PGA Profit: Staked 20pts, -1.02pts, roi -5.1%, High: 0pts, DD: -1.02pts, Max DD: -1.02pts.

Value Bets: Staked 16pts, +5.4pts, roi 33.75%, High: 5.9pts, DD: -0.5pts, Max DD: -1pt.

TOTAL: roi 37.91%, roc 3.04%

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