PGA Profit’s turn to taste the good life!

This week was the turn of PGA Profit to and the spoils by tipping up one of the favourites for The Masters, Jon Rahm (11.0 on the exchanges).  Backed win only increased the profitability however, and it now means that after what felt like something of a barren spell, we’ve had three golfing outright winners across each of the last three weeks.

PGA Profit’s success meant The Masters was profitable overall as a couple placing meant that the losses suffered by Weekly Golf Value and Edwards Tips were very well controlled.  Backing Russell Henley, given by WGV at 125/1 but available in the win market on Smarkets at 230 meant that had he won the return would have been massive.  By far and away my biggest win ever on golf betting, so just for a brief moment on Sunday evening, as Henley managed to get within three strokes of the lead with half the course to play, I let myself dream, but in all honesty it felt clear to me from very early on that Rahm wasn’t going to let his grip on the lead slip.

Edwards Tips would have been cursing Brooks Koepke’s collapse to give up a three shot lead going into the final round as him winning would have been a second nice return in consecutive weeks.  It felt almost uncomfortable watching Koepke as he really struggled and he looked a broken man halfway around.  I guess that’s elite sport for you.

So, another Masters, another profit, and on we go.  Full results update coming on Wednesday.

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