A splendid 1-2 for Edwards Tips, new beginnings, and one “lucky” Lucky 31!

A lovely 1-2 for Edwards Tips with Corey Connors (26.0) the winner of the PGA Tour event on Sunday, making it two Outright winners in two weeks.  Very much London bus syndrome here as prior to that we were struggling a bit. Well, relatively speaking that is.  I think we all know by now that it can take a while for the winners to drop when betting in the Win markets on golf!

It was a nice situation to be in for anyone who follows both Edwards Tips and Weekly Golf Value.  The latter had long-time leader Patrick Rodgers (100.0) and he and Connors took the top two places going into the final round.  Rodgers blew up to finish 5th and you know what?  You could kinda tell he was going to.  Bogeying the last hole of Round 3 can’t have helped Rodgers sleep particularly well on Saturday night.  Despite being a top Amateur player, coming through on to the professional scene with the likes of Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, Rodgers is yet to win an event.  And there was something about the way he was  something intangible but definitely present – that made me think things weren’t going to end well for him.

This made me think of Tom’s (Bookie Bashing) phrase of hedging being for gardeners (I don’t actually know if that’s his phrase in particular, or it’s just him I heard say it first).  My gut instinct was telling me that Rodgers wasn’t going to win, and so perhaps I should have hedged.  I could have guaranteed a pretty decent profit having backed him at 100.00 bearing in mind I think something like 3.2 was available to lay him at on Saturday evening?

Trouble is, laying off, hedging, etc, is a Trader’s mindset.  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, except I’m not trading.  I’m betting.  I’m looking to secure value prices and then allow the numbers to take their course, which over the long term, should be a route to profit (although there are times when you do wonder!).

I can’t help thinking that to be ultimately successful, you either look for and take opportunities to trade, or you bet.  Chopping and changing between the two?  Don’t think that would work.  Can you imagine the psychological scarring that would be inflicted if, as would be inevitable, you trade out of winners and allow losers to run?  Doesn’t bear thinking about.  Perhaps it’s just me…

A decent weekend for the Football Coupons although I don’t quite know to what extent just yet as I’ve not picked up my winnings.  And a ten point profit Lucky 15 last week too, so it’s not been a bad week all in all.  April is the start of my “financial year” too.   Nothing to do with how many companies have their financial years running from April to March – it’s just I started betting and recording my results in April, many moons ago.  So all the figures revert to “zero”, and it’s off on another year of ups and downs.

And finally, talking of Lucky 15s, some of you may have seen the punter who won something like £400k on a 50p each way Lucky 31.  The story was, apparently, in yesterday’s Racing Post.  Sadly, it wasn’t me…but I do believe the chap who won uses the same source for his bets as I do for my L15s! (insert Winkie emoji here).

Well played that man!

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