It’s quiet. Too quiet…

Can’t for the life of me remember which film the headline quote is from.  It was a western, I know that, and not long after those words were spoken, than all sorts of bedlam between the goodies (white hats) and baddies (black hats) broke out.  Whatever film it was, they don’t make them like that any more…

How was Cheltenham for you?

Got to say, it completely passed me by.  I was expecting there to be lots of Lucky 15s to be placed, but to be honest by the time lunchtime came around each day and I could get to the bookies, there was very little by way of value available.

This in a nutshell, demonstrated the difference in value available in shops and that which can be exploited online.  When I looked at the Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker there was tons of good looking bets available at the likes of Skybet and Bet 365. With enhanced place terms never has the disparity been more stark.

To be fair, had I been able to get to my nearest BetFred around 10.30/11.00 each morning, I’d have been fine and would have got a fair few bets down.  But I couldn’t.  It has crystallised in my mind the need for someone to be able to put bets on for me at the appropriate times.  I have someone in mind, but I can’t do anything to facilitate this just yet.  Course work is getting in the way, and if I were to affect that and its execution in any way at all, Mum would be on at me in no uncertain terms (and right enough!).

I’m acutely conscious that this is proving to be a relatively quiet time for me.  No league football this weekend )seriously, which muppet thought an international break at this point in the season is a good idea!?), not much footie at all the last couple of days, a couple of quiet days racing with fairly mundane meetings post-Cheltenham….I’m left with the golf.  With three tournaments this week, there’s enough to be getting stuck into there at least.

So a quiet spell.

Let’s see what the next few days bring.



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