Double Whammy on the golf!

German Nick Bachem, not a golfer I’d heard of before, sealed his place in my own personal betting Hall of Fame by winning the DPWT Tour event in South Africa yesterday.  He wasn’t a normal, run of the mill winner (is there such a thing on the golf?)…BUT A TWICE TIPPED, DOUBLED-UP, PUTTING GOD SENT TO EARTH TO SAVING MY BETTING WORLD!!!!!

Or something.

On a serious note, it’s always very pleasing indeed when a golfer lands the spoils and more than one tipster has given it, although it made for a nervous Sunday morning.  I’m usually a believer in not over-checking how things are going but I’ve got to admit to that self-imposed rule going right out the window.  Trouble was, the tournament wasn’t being televised, so it was a case of refreshing the Flashscores site every hour…erm…15 minutes…

So well done indeed to Weekly Golf Value, which after a prolonged losing spell has now hit two winners in as many weeks, and to Edwards Tips.  I wouldn’t say the gloss and sheen were dimmed any, but I noted that Edwards Tips had Bachem at 160/1.  I place all my golf bets on the Wednesday evening as being restricted to the Exchanges, I’ve found that earlier than that and I’m struggling for liquidity on the longer priced players.  Oh well, such is life.  I managed to get 75 on the winner, and taking a glass half full approach that was longer than the 70/1 advised price for WGV.

Pleased to report a winning weekend with the Football Coupons too, and although this was just enough to start the process of clawing back recent losses, it was pleasing to at least take a step in the right direction.

I’ll post updated figures on Wednesday.  Until then…

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