A winner on the golf – things are picking up.

A very, very quiet week (more on that on Wednesday) and a no-betting weekend for me as I took my by far better half away for the weekend.  I’d booked a lovely pub/hotel up in Lancashire, left on Friday and haven’t struck a bet since.

What this does mean however, is that I’ve no slips to pick up and so I can provide a results update today.

The golf last night made for very exciting viewing as two Weekly Golf Value bets – Adam Schenk and Taylor Moore – finished in the Top 3.  But there was a real tussle throughout the final round with Jordan Spieth (PGA Profit’s win-only pick) sharing the lead with Schenk at various stages.  Anyway, Moore ran out the winner whilst practicing on the range in preparation for a play-off and it’s great to see the latest golf drawdown halted.  I managed to get odds of 70 on the Exchanges for Moore so although my place returns wouldn’t have been so great, I made more on the win part of the bet (tipped at 60/1).  Schenk would have been the bigger win for me, but I ain’t complaining!

A small profit over the past couple of weeks on the Lucky 15s so again, nice to see the losing run halted there too.  And the DD/HH strategy continues to pay dividends with another couple of winners since the last results post.  I keep saying they’re running hot and the streak can’t continue, but so far it has!  So I’ll say it again this week – they’re running hot and the streak can’t continue.

A few Value Bets struck and it was a particularly good week last week on these.  Looking to get more of them down using the shops and the Exchanges so watch this space.  It was interesting listening to the recent SBC podcast with Ryan Bruno and hearing him talk of what I’m sure is a very similar (if not identical) approach from him.

The only dark points really are PGA Profit who can’t find one to place just at the moment, and the Football Coupons.  The number of slips with seven teams on them with permed trebles and getting no return at all from is miserable.

BB Golf Tracker: Staked 2,121pts, -312.18pts, roi -14.71%.

PGA Profit: Staked 123pts, -112.52pts, roi -91.47%.

Edwards Tips (Golf): Staked 465pts, -139.88pts, roi -30.08%.

BB Lucky 15s: Staked 77pts, -13.38pts, roi -17.37%.

BB Football Coupons: Staked 71pts, -23.75pts, roi -33.45%.

NFL: Staked 100pts, +367.13pts, roi +367.13%.

DD/HH: Staked 846pts, +615.25pts, roi 72.68%.


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