GOLF: A late night and a big win!

There are three things that make me grumpy – lack of sleep, being hungry, and Arsenal losing.  Arsenal didn’t play yesterday, we had a lovely Sunday roast at home, but that lack of sleep thing.  It’s got me this morning.  You see, the problem is, my internal clock doesn’t need much to knock if off sync.  If I go to bed at roughly the same time, read for half an hour or so, and then lights out…I’m generally fine.  Knock that routine out though, and that’s me done for the night.  It’ll be the wee small hours before I finally doze off.

Last night I made the fatal error of switching over to the golf, instead of going to bed after the City/Palace game on the telly.  One of Weekly Golf Value’s men, Kevin Na (60/1) was within a couple of shots of the lead.  I’ll just watch this hole, I thought.  Two hours later, bedtime long gone, and I’m still watching.  Hence, this morning, I’m grumpy.

Imagine how grumpy I would have been had not Kevin Na gone on to win!?!  Got to admit, the winnings have taken the edge off my grumpiness.  But I need to learn a lesson here.  If I’m going to stay up watching golf on a Sunday evening, Mondays are going to be a nightmare for the rest of the household.  Heaven help them.

I can’t do it.  I really can’t.  So, I’m resolving myself to NOT switch over “just to see how it’s going”, each Sunday evening.  Not until next week, anyway.

On a serious note, what a start to 2021 it’s been for WGV.  Two winners from two tournaments.  Trouble was of course, I wasn’t on last week’s winner (I was through Golf Insider, but not WGV).  The figures are just daft – the ROC for Weekly Golf Value wouldn’t be that far off 100%, just two tournaments in.  That the win strike rate for this service lies somewhere between 1 and 2% tells us in pretty stark terms that we need to enjoy this little spell whilst it’s here, because who knows when the next win will come.  And that’s golf betting in a nutshell.  So I’m steeling myself, knowing full well that this can’t continue.  Can it?

Golf Insider (200pts): Staked 10pts, +9.95pts, roi 99.5%, roc 4.98%, CDD -5.05pts, Max DD -5.05pts.

PGA Profit (500): Staked 48pts, -48pts, roi -100%, roc -9.6%, CDD -48pts, Max DD -48pts.

Weekly Golf Value (1,000): Staked 126pts, +543.6pts, roi 431.42%, roc 54.36%, CDD: 0pts, Max DD: 0pts.

Golf portfolio: ROI 182.84%, ROC 16.57%.

*ROI – Return On investment, ROC – Return On Capital (ie. bank growth), CDD – Current Drawdown, Max DD – Maximum Drawdown



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