Football, boxing and the arrers – what we’re betting on in 2021.

We’ve seen over the past couple of days that we’ve increased our golf betting exposure and tailored the racing services to suit.  Now we look at other sports and tipsters to bet on.

Starting with football, and there’s no need to change anything when it comes to Scottish Football Income Booster.  It’s perfectly possible to use the exchanges on a regular basis, and it’s low workload.  Although results through the early part of this rather strange season were a little underwhelming, there have been recent signs of a pick up in form, and as things gradually return to some sort of normality in the football world over the months ahead (hopefully, fingers crossed, etc.), I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see this service excel.

The second footie tipster I’m following is SBC Premium service The Poacher.  Having built up a live proofed record by offering the picks for free, The Poacher has just turned pro’ and is now operating a paid subscription service administered by the SBC.  This has become a proven and tested path to professional tipping for a number of tipsters and the set up makes sense.  Let the SBC do their thing when it comes to the mechanics, let the tipster concentrate on tipping.

The proofed record to date shows an ROI of 3.99%.  Doesn’t sound a lot, but when we consider that we’re betting in very liquid and efficient markets, utilizing Asian Handicaps and goal lines, a 4% ROI is not to be sniffed at.  Getting on should provide no problem, and importantly, we’re concentrating on Exchange use for the bets.  A decent turnover without placing countless bets per day, it ticks all the boxes for me.

Boxing is a new sport for me to bet on.  I’ve been following the progress of Sports Service 1 for some time, feeling that long term, here is a tipster with a demonstrable edge in a sport that would provide my betting with real diversification, which is never a bad thing.  In the overall scheme of things, I’m hoping this, and old darting favourite Sports Service 2, will balance out (in terms of diversification) my doubling down on golf.  High strike rate/short odds in two different sports to balance out the low strike rate/long odds associated with golf.  That’s the theory anyway.

SS2 is a service I’m very familiar with and it must now be one of the longest running services monitored by the SBC.  There’s a lot to be said for tipsters who have survived and flourished for so long.  Back in the day, when SS2 was relatively new, the bookies were not as clued up when it came to pricing up the markets and SS2 made hay.  Naturally, as interest in and the popularity of darts as a sport grew, largely as a result of Sky’s marketing, the bookies got their act together and suddenly finding value became a trickier proposition.  SS2 adapted though, and although there have been times when that adaptation process seemed to have a direct impact on its bottom line performance, ultimately it would always bounce back and press on successfully.

So there we have it.  First results reported on next week.  Until then, stay safe.


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